Friday, 2 October 2009

A Human , Dolls and 1/12th Tea Party SOON!!!

Since the dolls have seen the beautiful Fanciful Twist tea party they've just driven me crazy every day!
"Why don't we have a tea party too ?Why?why?Can we have one too? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?".
So, I agreed BUT, no one in the house should be ignored.
So, I have decided to organise a tea party for all those who are in the house: humans,dolls and...1/12th scale world!
The 1/12 isn't going to be the easiest to prepare but good fun I am sure!
Every day, I bring back a little something for the event...
This picture is only a teaser.
And of course YOU will all be invited to our party dear followers!


silk purse said...

Well, well well, my dear; You're delightful gift has finally arrived this morning in the mail!~ MANY THANKS!~Ironic, isn't it, that you intuitively felt it was high time that it should have arrived!..,

To say that I am merely charmed,"is to make the understatement of the century"; so to speak!.., Je T'aime; I am in love with her!.., c'est tres jollie!.., So sweet , whimsical and utterly charming she is, that I am utterly entranced!..,

Now for the fun part as I "play" her for with the photo shoot!.., I love your idea for a dolls Tea Party; how can I partake?

I will be posting your french miss, on our Plumed Pen, "Tuseday Tea for Two",avec The`; do join us and we shall join you!..,

We love the music also, THANK YOU; and now that I have your address, I shall be gifting you with something special of my creation..,

Cheers to you, Mon Cheri!..,

silk purse said...

Dear pappillon blue;

I dn't know why my post seemed to disappear when I hitthe post comment button; Oh well,many thanks and docome by to see your dear little dolly creation on the Plumed Pen blog.., Many thanks and also she will be featured again on our "Tuesday Tea For Two,blog party feature..,(Myletters are running together because blogger is malfuctioning tonight)!..,