Thursday, 1 May 2014

Customizing a Blythe and videos!

Dear friends,

I hope you are all well.
It is sweet to be gently going back to blogging and dolly world but most of all, it is an amazing feeling to be in touch with you all and to hear from you.
I love this world where thanks to technology, kindred spirits can be united .
We don't really feel isolated anymore, do we?

Today I am going to show you Rose, my first custom Blythe and a little video.
Also, I have finished the video I was asked to make for M.S Production Sebastien Ragonneau so I hope you will enjoy the result.

Let me show you the progress I have made on my little Blythe doll since the last time.

This is how she was on the website where I ordered her.

As you already know, when I received her, I started taking lots of pictures for fun.

Then I started trying a few things with her makeup 

Tried a bit of this and that

Kept on taking pics

Then decided to give her a trim! This is when her true personality was revealed! So I couldn't stop taking  more pictures of the little darling.

She has even made a few little steps!

Also The video Sweet Folly is now finished!
I hope you will like the song and how our worlds have mixed together.
Sebastien and I have never met, nor have I met the singer in the flesh.
Just as I said, the internet can help create magic sometimes!

Keep on dreaming my dear friends!