Monday, 9 August 2010

Meeting a blog friend part 3 and a goodbye

Aliénore was quiet in the car on our way to Rochester wondering whether Geneviève was going to like her little Dior dress.
She took her red baloon with her as it was her favourite you see.

At Rochester, here was Geneviève waiting for us!
It was so nice to see her in the flesh and the moment she gave us a big smile, it felt like meeting an old friend.

(Here she is in front of Dickens' chalet)

Aliénore tried to impress her with her balloon.Geneviève was happy to play with her.

At many occasions, the little doll asked " is she a princess?" as she was very impressed by the length of Geneviève's beautiful hair.

(In front of the castle)

Then we had fun taking some photos in the park.

Geneviève played with Aliénore again. The little doll was so happy to have so much attention.
It was nice to see them get on well and laugh together.

They had a stroll in the streets of Rochester.

Later on, it was time to part. Aliénore and I were a bit sad as we had spent such a wonderful time with our friend.

So, the little doll decided to give her red baloon to Geneviève. In a doll's world it means that they like you a lot you see. And indeed, Aliénore did like Geneviève very much.
Here are beautiful presents from Geneviève:

A notepad for Aliénore

A beautiful table cloth . A wonderful contribution to the tea parties to come!

And a delightful set to create stories with shadows.

Aliénore was over the moon but still a bit sad that this lovely time had had to end.
If you pop to England, please let us know, we would be so pleased to share some time with you.
We hope you are having a fantastic time wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
It is time for us to say goodbye as we are soon flying to the other end of the world to celebrate a wonderful event.

We will be happy to tell you all about it when we are back.
Let's meet again in September ,shall we?
By then,
Keep on dreaming dear blog friends!


Kaerie Faerie said...

wonderful post, I hope to meet my blog friend someday, but your dolls are fabulous

Sarah said...

What a lovely day out you all had! Rochester is a lovely place to meet and I can see you all enjoyed its magical charms!

julietk said...

Looks like you all had a great day :-) Bon voyage and I will look forward to your tales when you return

Carousel Dreams said...

Delighful post and such pretty photos! I am glad you had a lovely time with your new friend (clearly Alienore did!) Have a safe trip...I am in Melbourne, alas a fair way from Sydney...perhaps one day I shall visit England again and we shall share a cup of tea and cake - wouldn't that be lovely?

apinkdreamer said...

i'm so happy for alienore!!!

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

What a beautiful post! I'm glad you all had the most wonderful time. Have a wonderful time in Australia....

Lindsay-ann said...

Glad you enjoyed meeting up with your blogging friend. I loved seeing the cute pictures.
Have a great trip. I look forward to hearing all about it. My brother in law lives in Australia so we hope to go too one day.
Bon Voyage

Clothmatters said...

Thank you so much for being part of our CDA Blog Hops!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos!!! So Magical!!! Rochester seems to be a fabulous place to visit!

Merci merci Papillon Bleu !!!! Quelle Magie ☆ quand nous avons découvert Edward devant notre porte avec cet énorme et délicieux gâteau aux fraises !!! Merci Aliénore !!!

Keep on dreaming ❤ Gros bisous de Marcel, Edward, et toute la famille ❤

miniacollection said...

Ton post reflète bien notre très bonne et belle journée toutes les trois ensemble.
J'ai bien aimé tes posts précédents que j'ai découverts à mon retour.
Je suis sûre que tu vas passer un merveilleux séjour en Australie et que ce sera plein d'émotions.
A bientôt. Gros bisous.

Sans! said...

Patricia, I have read all your posts on the outing in Rochester and your impending or already trip to Australia :). Do you know you are only 3 hours away from me (if you are in Perth) :). I can imagine how overwhelmed it must be for you to finally see your sis after 5 years :).

See you in September, my dear .

mademoiselle G said...

Rochester semble un si bel endroit...Je rêve d'aller visiter l'Angleterre depuis toujours. Reste à convaincre mon copain d'aller faire du tourisme ^^ Bon voyage!

lorencel said...

rendez vous est donc pris pour le mois de septembre, je suis sure qu'Aliénor va avoir plein de choses à nous montrer!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Bon voyage. Have a wonderful time.
a bientôt

Anonymous said...

I shall watch for you
above the treetops
and over the moon
till we meet again
in September!