Monday, 13 September 2010

Australia Part 3: The Wedding!

Time to celebrate dear blog friends! This is the final part of our trip in Australia.

First, let me introduce you to Jack and Erin who had travelled all the way from England to be page boy and flower girl!
On the wedding morning, they enjoyed having breakfast in the garden with Rosie and Aliénore .

It was still Winter remember.
Rosie and Aliénore were excited to try an Australian hat. They also tasted Vegemite but didn't like it at all.

Now, time to get ready !
See how Jack and Erin looked wonderful in their outfits.

Aliénore made friends with the 2 flower girls. She had a special dress made for the occasion but she decided to keep her Ugg boots all day long...

Yes indeed, Aliénore looked very pretty that day!

But hard to compete with the bride's maids who looked absolutely stunning in their beautiful dresses.
On their belt , they had a delightful brooch shaped as a Lily symbol of Angers ( France) where my sister was born .

Then it was time to help the bride... sister.

There are no words to describe what I felt at this specific moment.

In front of the church, the sun was high in the sky and everybody was waiting for the beautiful bride to arrive.

And here she was.
Time to enter the church!

Well, well, is Aliénore sitting near my Grandmother.

And two delightful little faces! Ruby and Zoe. Beautiful daughters of my Australian cousins.

The ceremony was a special moment that I will keep in my mind.

Look! This is he first time my sister shows her cute little face to the world as a Mrs!
Ante, her husband , was extremely proud.

I was the first out of the church as I didn't want to miss this precious moment .

It was good to see how my sister was loved.
Aliénore congratulated the bride.

Meanwhile, the flower girls were having good fun playing with the water in the fountain.

Later on, in the evening, it was like in a dream, with flowers and candle lights.
The champagne was good and the cakes were delicious and all of a sudden...
... when Laure and Ante danced their first dance, they were surronded by a heavenly mist and this is when we saw...

...THE ANGELS!!!!!!!!

Here they were!At last! Not in the sky, nor in the Luna Park but here: surrounding the Groom and the Bride with their genuine love.

And the party went on and on .And one after the other, the angels fell asleep.

Angels and dolls do get tired after such a long day, you see.

And the day after, we celebrated more, and sung and laughed until late in the night.Oh how I loved the strong smell and taste of the black coffee.

And the day after that, it was time for me to leave and fly away.

I left behind me my sister , my family and Rosy who wanted to spend a bit more time with Erin.

My sweet Aliénore stayed with me. She was strangely quiet during the whole journey.

I will never know what she had in her mind during the long flight back to England.

She never told me.

She silently looked at the clouds each time she could.

Always in her thoughts.

And this is how our journey in Sydney ended dear blog friends.
But there will be many more stories to share with you.

We hope you had a good time reading this one.

I dedicate this story to my little sister Laure ( who I love more than words can say) and her very lucky husband Ante.

I wish them all the luck, love and happiness in their marriage.


Carousel Dreams said...

Oh what a beautiful post! Your sister looked I love the photo of you helping her get dressed! And Alienore' with your grandmother - priceless. Thankyou for sharing this most beautiful occassion with us.

Sarah said...

Beautiful posts of this very special occasion. I've enjoyed viewing each part of this Australia Wedding.

C moi... said...

Clap' Clap' Clap'... MARVELLOUS! Beautiful and so emotionnal!

rosanna said...

Best wishes to the lovely bride and lucky groom. And thank you for sharing your wonderful memories. Rosanna

lorencel said...

c'est beau ces moments...-) on sent le bonheur à travers tes photos!
j'espère que tout va bien pour toi, il y a eut quelques bugs sur ton blog:je n'arrivais pas à laisser de coms! apparemment c'est réparé-)

Anonymous said...

I loved... Plastacine xxx

Liberty Biberty said...

Your trip pictures are fabulous Patricia!
The children are all so beautiful! What a gorgeous wedding. Alienore must have had the time of her life.

Liberty LOVES Vegemite, lol!

miniacollection said...

Très beau et émouvant post. Ta soeur est une merveilleuse mariée et Aliénore une très jolie petite fille d'honneur. Te voir aider ta soeur avec sa robe de mariée m'a donné un pincement au coeur en réalisant que je n'ai jamais vécu cette expérience. Pourquoi ma soeur ne veut pas se marier ?... Bon, ne pas me plaindre elle m'a offert une superbe nièce et mon frère un neveu et une autre nièce, c'étaient des moments magiques et je te souhaite de vivre la même chose avec ta soeur.

Gemma (Gempo) said...

Very emmotional post Patricia congratulations for the couple, lovely wedding and bride dress. Kisses for all and long live in happiness.

Mademoiselle G said...

Such a wonderfull wedding! And a very touching post... :-)

Kim said...

so beautiful! I have tears in my eyes as I read your post and think about my own sister's wedding. I know how proud and happy you must have felt and the bittersweet goodbyes at the end. The angels!!! How wonderful they were there for the party- Aliénore must have been so excited to finally see them. Thank you for sharing such a special day with us all ♥

Jessica said...

Ohhhh...tu as assistée au mariage de ta chère sœur?!!! J'imagine que tu as du passer d'inoubliables moments en famille... Tous mes vœux de bonheur pour elle!

parlance said...

Oh, such a lovely post! Your sister looked exquisite, the love between you shone through, the children were sweet.

julietk said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful family event. I wish your sister all happiness and of course the groom too.
I never cried at a wedding until my younger brother tied the knot then I found myself getting all soppy and needing a tissue :-) Because they are younger than we are we have a protective instinct almost like a mother :-)

Pan said...

Lovely post. I really enjoyed reading this and your sister is a beautiful bride. It looks so romantic.

3 sous un parapluie said...

c'est comme une histoire cette série de photos! Samantha

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Oh my gosh Patricia, this was the most beautiful story ever. I am so happy you spent this precious and most important moment of your sisters life with her. The wedding looked like a fairy tale and little angels too! Aliénore looked like she had a wonderful time and looked so beautiful in her dress. I must agree with her though, I don't like Vegemite either...eeek!
Many blessing and best wishes to your sister and her hubby.

Kaloy said...
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Kaloy said...

It's so nice of you to share this one of a kind experience of yours. This is one wedding worth remembering! congratulations to the newly wed by the way. I hope i could make my wedding as cool as this, but before the i get to fix the preparation, i guess i still have to work on the wedding invitations. I'm thinking of sharing my experience too, soon after my wedding. Thank you for the post.

Anonymous said...

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