Friday, 1 October 2010

What is new? What's next?

AliénorE has received an absolutely wonderful coat, hat and ...hand bag!!!She is soooo thrilled and cannot stop showing off!
The beautiful work was made by 2 other dolls. If you don't believe me you can meet them here

Also quick snap to let you see that there are somme Pépettes that will soon be ready to find a new home.

All last dolls have been adopted even before I had time to introduce them to you.Sorry...

But I took these photos before they went.

Am preparing the Halloween Blog Party hosted by A Fanciful Twist that will take place on the 16th October. I am sure that many of you are joining in! Aren't you?

I have also decided that my next birthday would be celebrated here on Blogland with my blog friends!

As it is in January, we will have plenty of time to discuss it. But there are so many events between now and January that I thought I should anticipate a little . Reckon?

Some of you have also asked if I was still working for the company I mentioned in previous posts.Well the answer is no. I use to love my job very much but sometimes it seems that some people can turn the most beautiful thing in a real nightmare. I will mention no more as it is not a nice story at all.
I have decided to spread my wings and this is what I do now!

I hope you are all happy my dear blog friends.

Do never ever give up your dreams and never EVER forget who you are.

Much love to you all


winterlude said...

depuis qu'elles ont vu AlienorE se pavaner en total look barbapapa, ça trépigne dans ma chaumière...
AlienorE, tu es magnifique, tes bottes aussi sont à tomber et tu fais des bien des envieuses (félicitation aussi à Regliss' & Aglaée, tout de même). xxx

Kim said...

Patricia! I am sorry that the job you loved so much had a bad turn :( I think your new venture is perfect though- I know it will be a huge success! I adore Aliénore's sweet gifts! Big hugs to you my sweet, sweet friend!!!

Sans! said...

AMEN! :):) And they lost one hell of a great colleague . I will be here to celebrate your birthday but animation is not my strength. Patricia, I found an animation that I really love and I have posted it on my blog. It' called Turkish Lullaby. I kept thinking that you will love it. Will you let me know if I am right?

Liberty Biberty said...

Liberty is sitting here absolutely enchanted by the picture with all the dolls. You have been a busy girl Patricia!
A dollmaking party with you would be awesome - we need you here in NZ!

Designs by Blanche said...

Well, you are a WINNER! You won a prize in Blanche's Practical Magic Blog Party Giveaway

Send your address to joolsofthesea @gmail .com
and your prezzie will be on it's way across the ocean to you!


Anonymous said...

Oh, i feel so sorry in reading about your news concerning your job :(
AliénorE is splendid!!! Beautiful coat and hat!!! and look at me these boots!!! They are gorgeous!!!

Keep on dreaming lovely butterfly!
Big big hugs

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog and your dolls are gorgeous, congratulations ;-)

Pan said...

It is their loss Patricia, you are the wise one for following your dream and not staying too long in a place which had become unhappy. Well done you :-)

I think your new venture will suit you very well. Your dolls are lovely and you will find success wherever you care to look for it.

I wish you lots of happiness :-)

miniacollection said...

Aliénore est trop belle avec ses nouveaux vêtements.
Que des bonnes nouvelles ( bien sur à part childrensalon, mais je le savais déjà) dans ton post, les pépettes, les ateliers pour enfants (j'adore ton affiche) et le fait que tu veux fêter ton anniversaire avec nous par blog. J'attends d'en savoir plus et je vais commencer à réflééchir à quelque chose, peut-être que Nina et Lucie vont me souffler des idées ...
Gros bisous.

Pan said...

Hey Patricia! Have a look at the "Contact Me" page I have put on my blog. You could host a blog chat on Bloggervoices! I am the only member there at the moment so, come and play! :-)

apinkdreamer said...

this morning i recveived the most wonderful and cutest doll of the world!
i named her Sasira! i don't know why...i already love her!
thank you for making things with love...

at-the-attic said...

wonderful works my dear!

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

I am sorry things turned out the way they did at your job, it is definitely their loss.
Aliénore's gifts are absolutely wonderful, I am sure she is just thrilled.
I love the picture of your Pépettes. I am not surprised that they were adopted so quickly. I can't wait to adopt one soon!
All the best wishes on your new venture as I believe, this is what you where meant to do.

ecnerolf ,zazou au pays des merveilles said...

je ne me lasse pas de tes poupées !!! j'ai même une amie qui a vu mon lien sur facebook elle m'a demandé si tu vendais ! je lui ai dit que oui, peut etre une commande bientot !!moi en tout cas c'est certain un de ces jours j'adopte une de tes merveilles !! bizzzzzzzz