Thursday, 4 November 2010

A beautiful Papillon Bleu day ,a birthday, a gift and a giveaway!

Aliénore and I have been very busy lately BUT, today we thought it would be nice to share a bit of time with you .
Do you want to spend a Papillon Bleu and Aliénore day?


Don't forget to bring a cardigan.

Come outside and breathe the beautiful Kentish air with us!

Lets dance and spin in the garden ...

...until everything goes round and round and you no longer know where you are!
Let's rest for a little while until you can actually...

...get back on your feet.

Here is a little mini treat for Aliénore. She loves it!

Then, lets go back inside and work a little, shall we?
Oh!I think I heard the postman.
What is in the letter box today?

Oh my! A wonderful package from Julie ( My Curious Tea Party)

Such meticulous work in this tiny book! and the little painting!!!!
Thank you soooooooooo much Julie!

Those angels are just perfect for our parTea room, arent' they Aliénore?


Have you seen her by any chance?



Good Lord!!! She thinks she is an angel too!

Funny little doll!

Well, speaking of doll...there is still more to do .
lets go and work for an hour or two!

After sewing and painting, I think we need a little break.

It is the evening now.

Yes...time flies when you are busy like a little bee!

This is fun! I have put butterflies in my hair!

What did you choose to do?

I think the dolls are having a party behind me.

OooooooooooOooooooooh!!! How lovely!!!

Are we celebrating something specific dear dollies?


Ooooh it is Eleni's birthday very soon! of course!

You know Eleni, don't you? A pink Dreamer!
Don't forget to stop by her blog and wish her a happy birthday!

And...what is it that you are holding Aliénore?

A candy floss?


A little gift for a blog friend!!!

What a great idea!

Well, if you want to win a mini candy floss for you or your favourite doll, just leave a comment here and we will draw a name in a week!

Oh...are you leaving now? well, we hope you've had a nice time with us.

Hope to see you soon! And don't forget to leave your comment if you want to win our mini candy floss!

Bye for now!


winterlude said...

les petites d'ici commencent à trouver leur vie très triste et parlent de traverser la manche maintenant, tant elles voudraient les mêmes journées que toi, alienorE. xxx

Mattydolls said...

Patricia I just love visiting your blog, it's so much fun!!

apinkdreamer said...

my dear papillon bleu and alienore thank you so much for mentioning my party on 7th november! you are such lovely blogfriends!!!

Dawn in the Forest said...

I'm wishing I could have been at that magical little party.....what fun! You always post such amazing pictures.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, I really needed to be transported to play with you and Alienore today. What fun! You are so delightful, Patricia, and so are your dolls.

Merci Beaucoup...


Sheila :-)

Dawn in the Forest said...

What a magical little party. Your pictures are such a treat to look at.

Dawn in the Forest said...

What a magical little party. Your pictures are always such a treat to look at.

Anonymous said...

Décidément,Blue Butterfly,j'adore tes photos!!
Grou bisouuuuuuuuuuu

rosanna said...

So nice! thank you for the mini candy floss. Tomorrow I'll start working at your birthday party project!Rosanna

Carousel Dreams said...

I just love visiting over here - you and Alienore are such fun! I am quite dizzy now though, you know, from all the spinning - phew! Ooh, such lovely treasures from your sweet blog friend Julie. And thankyou for the reminder about Eleni's birthday - I must pop over for a visit. Enjoy your weekend darling blog friend x

Rose minuscule said...

J'aime vraiment venir ici... j'ai l'impression que j'étais vraiment présente chez toi Aliénore!!
J'adore ton univers... et il y a tant à découvrir..; les photos sont trop petites parfois... j'ai envie de farfouiller partout et de faire connaissance avec chacune des créatures qui habitent ton espace!
Merci pour tes mots doux chez moi cher papillon bleu!

Ascension said...

Ha sido divertido y emocionante pasar un ratito en tu blog.
Tus muñecas son preciosas y el algodon de azucar se ve delicioso.
besitos ascension

ecnerolf ,zazou au pays des merveilles said...

moi moi moi moi moi moi moi moi moi moi je joue je joue je joue joue joue je joue joue !!!!! rraaa je ferme les yeux et je guide ta main !!!!!! !!!! .......bizzzz

Jingle said...

This is such a wonderful and magical post! I really enjoyed this today!!!

miniacollection said...

Toutes tes photos m'ont bien fait rêver. Merci!
Quelle bonheur!
La petite poupée qu'Aliénore a eu est trop mignonne, Nina et Lucie sont jalouses... Qu'elles se rassurent Noël sera bientôt là et avant elles vont aller à la fête foraine... Il y aura surement des surprises pour elles.
Ta barbe à papa est très tentante...

Anonymous said...

Toutes ces photos sont tellement jolies, tu devrais penser à les éditer en cartes postales !

Bisous bisous :-)

artycho said...

Une belle journée comme je les aime! Couronnée par un paquet exquis! Je suis sûre qu'Aliénore serait très douée pour trouver des vesses de loup! La grosse traine depuis deux jours dans le frigo et je crois que je n'en n'ai plus trop envie!! Merci pour ton passage beau papillon!

Annabelle said...

I stepped into a magic fairyland....Lovely post Pat.
You share the same name as my younger aunt who lives in Arkansas,she too is a talented lady like yourself....maybe the name holds a little secret?

Adore your art, it is pure magic.

Annabelle ~^..^~

Lenora said...

That is a wonderful Wonderland Birthday Party Post for Eleni! Glad i stopped by! Great Doll! Happy Birthday to our Enchanted Pink Dreamer Eleni, Please drop by my Birthday Present at Here's My Birthday Piece!

Flo said...

Tu m'as fait passé une bien belle journée... Ton univers est magnifique... On y plonge et on en ressort avec de jolies images en tête !
Bon, il n'y a plus qu'à avoir la même journée aujourd'hui...
Doux dimanche à toi !

boitémoi said...

presque tout comprite, troforte, toi, pas moi! biz de la terre

Sylvie said...

Je ne me lasserai JAMAIS de ces belles histoires......... Rhhhaaa...... faut que je me remette à la poupée moua! BISOUS!

lorencel said...

quelle belle ballade..j'aimerai bien rester avec les petites fées rouges dans le panier, ou sur dessus de la cheminée..tu crois qu'elle me laisserai une place? -)

Kim said...

ah- happy birthday belated Pink Dreamer!! My little dog would love to be outside with you and Aliénore- he spins around in circles chasing his tail until he drops! BEAUTIFUL little book Julie!!! What a lovely gift ♥ Have a warm and fun week Patricia and Aliénore :)

Jessica said...

Tes photos sont vraiment superbes! J'adore tes mises en scènes et l'aspect que tu leur donnes....
A quand un retour sur ton french blog???
gros bisous!

jasmoon-butterfly said...

Patricia a wonderful post - please count me in xxx

Anonymous said...

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