Friday, 4 March 2011


Something exciting is happening in the dolls' house.

We are waiting for a special little guest.
Charlotte keeps on going out to see if the guest is here.
She has got a special welcome balloon for her.

Emily and Anne have organised a welcome tea party.

Anne has made some paper hats.
But we have been waiting for a while now and Anne is loosing patience.

Meanwhile, Charlotte has decided she would fly up in the sky. Maybe it will be easier to see the guest's arrival from a cloud!

Our guest in on her way.

She shouldn't be very far.

Just to give you a little clue: she is a Travelling Doll and she has come to spend a month with us to go through some Papillon Bleu UK transformation.

I will tell you a little more next time.

We are going to have 3 guest for the occasion in the dolls' house.

It will be fun and very girly.

Maybe a little like here:

Maybe not...



jasmoon-butterfly said...

Brilliant, can't wait either Patricia :0)
How exciting!!!
Big hugs
Trace oxo

winterludes said...

j'adore anne quand elle en a marre d'attendre. la suite m'intrigue. xxx

elodie said...

j adore tes histoires de poupee légère et poetique
alors on veut savoir la suite , please????

Alicia said...

héhé!!! :)
Qu'est-ce que j'aimerais m'envoler avec un ballon...

Sarah said...

No, I hope your tea party is less sinister! Though there might be something to be said for becoming a doll if it was a travelling one!

julietk said...

It was so nice to see your comment on my blog I am trying to get back into the swing but home life is firmly in the way of creative life right now. Looking forward to your travelling doll piece. x Juliet

Kim said...

I'm anxious to see who is coming! Poor Anne-perhaps if you let her have some sweets early she will be less moody :) Gorgeous dolls Patricia :) Your fingers have been busy!

miniacollection said...

Moi aussi j'adore Anne qui en a marre d'attendre avec son chapeau en papier.
La dernière photo est très belle, elle fait rêver. Je veux en savoir plus sur l'invité.

margotteauxpomme said...

Anne qui boude, on dirait une copie de ma Pomme de terre!!! moi aussi je veux connaître la suite!

Jingle said...

Ooooh! I can't wait! These lovelies are quite stylish in their waiting! I love the party hats!

feltoohlala said...

Anne, ma soeur Anne, ne vois-tu rien venir?

Anonymous said...

...i love these little stories...about these lovely dolls...i really must put them together in a book...they would be so very i cannot wait for your hands to be around our journal too!!! xoxo Eden

boitémoi said...

c'est pas rigolo d'attendre, quoiqu'en si belle compagnie... biz!

Anonymous said...

J'aime beaucoup Anne et son joli chapeau !

ps- pour la blague, euh... français ? :D

Bisous bisous my sweet friend!