Monday, 16 May 2011

Let's Show Our Working Space (to update with your own pics!)

(Please, feel free to use the photo above if you wish to create a link to this post)

Today, I am happy to present my working space. Yes, the little corner from which I am writing this very moment..

What hit me recently, on Cyber Land is the similarities that some of us have in our displays or, the amount of objects we like to gather around us. Source of inspiration?


Check by yourslef! You can see, Sylvie's place

or Evangelione's .

Vanessa's studio is a wonder!


Shall we share our photos here?

Just send your photos to me and I will be happy to add them here with your link!

(It will also help me be patient before I know what...)


Check out the extraordinary efforts of the very talented and ever so honest Casey who is doing her own version of "Clean House" ! at Casey's minis blog ( good luck, it took me 2 days to tidy up mine)

If you like The Doll& The Pea, here is where she creates her little marvels!(according to what Alicia has told me, I think this is a very unusual photo...just like mine!!!)


I have to confess that I have had a big crush on this studio.

Check more at Rose Minuscule.

Below, see how Jan from The Hermit's Garden sorts out her paint and ribbons!



Would you resist the explosion of colours of Christine's studio? Have you ever seen jars so neetly in line on a shelf?

Is this the key to the flawless work of an artist?

Christine shares magnificent pics of her working space here at Du Buh Du Designs

So, who's next?

Unless you have already planned to send a photo but it is taking a little longer than you thought to tidy up...I don't blame you.

By the way, our dear Casey has made tremendous progress since the last time.Check it out! it is HERE.

I am super impressed!


22nd May 2011


This is the sort of studio that just makes my mind wonder. I just love the blue on the walls and all the minis on the shelves. Not to mention the captivating colours that surround Geneviève
I love busy shelves, wherever you look, there is something new to discover. I find it stimulating.

This is where Geneviève collects and creates her extraordinary minis. Just check at

Geneviève's Miniacollection and say hello to Nina and Lucie from me!


Alicia said...

génial, j'adore voir les photos d'atelier, je t'en envoie une! :)

BIKY said...

they are all so special

my daughter made yesterday a drawing for Alienore
tomorrow i'll try to find time to post it
And i hope to be the winner I know thats very difficult
I love Evelyn's drawing


Caseymini said...

I am in the middle of cleaning mine out right now. If you want to see it, it's on my blog today. All of the other ones put mine to shame!

Caseymini said...

Something weird happened. The link that you put with my photo goes to another part of your website.LOL There are other photos of progress on the workspace at the addy in the first comment. Thanks Patricia!

tako aka evangelione said...

Awesome! will be follow up this post for more work places, I always love to have a peek at others workplace, they always inspiring and artistic!

^o^ <3

yoborobo said...

I love your work space! Mine is a disaster right now, so I can't share. It's fun to see where people create. :) xo Pam

Sans! said...

I envy all of you your dedicated work space. Mine is the dining table, the kitchen table, my side table next to the bed, the stairs between my kitchen and the backyard and sometimes the floor :).

miniacollection said...

J'aime beaucoup la place où tu travailles, beaucoup de choses me plaisent. C'est toujours intéressant de voir les workrooms des autres.
C'est vrai que nous avons en commun d'avoir beaucoup de choses autour de nous.
Je ne sais pas si je vais t'envoyer une photo de ma pièce, il faudrait d'abord que je la range... A voir...

JDConwell said...

I have pictures of my studio--right after I cleaned and straightened. Alas, it is no longer clean or straight. But I hadn't expected it would stay that way...just the nature of the creative beastie.

Anonymous said...

I saw your comment regarding this on Miss Vanessa's blog. I love peeking into other people's spaces. I am afraid mine is along there with Casey, a work in progress.

Christine said...

Hi Patricia! Hope you are doing well~looks like you are up to a million creative wonderful things~can;t wait to see them all (forgive me for not dropping by sooner~busy real world is keeping me from blogging much).

These are such fun studios! I love seeing where real artists create. I'll send you a link to mine~looks the same but clay all over my table:)

Wishing you a most creative week~can't wait to hear more book news:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - they are all amazing, and many are exactly how I imagined they must be from seeing the artists' dolls. So cool to see how their studios fit their personalities! Absolutely loved this post! :)
- Jordan

BumbleVee said...

Most of my stuff just seems to "gather" in my working space...because it is a separate room and I can just close the door so it doesn't affect the rest of the house. However, I do still like to sit at the kitchen table many of my days as the sun streams in through the south facing windows there.. so my "stuff" that I need to use gets carried back and forth a lot...and not so much back some days either... pincushions always on the table... scissors and bits of clay and cloth or bear fur... poor sweetie... just clears a space big enough for his plate and we eat with it all on there some work room needs a reeeellly good tidy right now!

Zlatica said...

Thank you for your heart flood, Patricia! :))
I like your idea of sharing photos of workplaces.
Your place is very cute and your personality can be felt there so much. :)))
And I also like Silvie´s place... so dreamy. :)

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

What fun studios and some are gorgeous! I share my desk every Wednesday at a Wednesday blog hop, and it's always fun, but I'm not brave enough to share my whole craft room. Too messy! Patsy from

Vietvéro said...

C'est tout ce qu'il me manque : mon antre avec tous mes trucs et bidules pour machigouillages !!!!
some day.... dans une future maison définitive... ça me donne des idées !

Lillian Child said...

Just Jingle sent me ... and WOW ... what an AMAZING blog you have! I am now a follower!

Kathi said...

Sorry, but I'm hiding all evidence of MY creative space right now. I shudder to think what anyone would say if they saw the mess! I don't know how anyone keeps things straightened up? I have stuff everywhere! I'm with Sans on this one. :D

parlance said...

You artists have such beautiful work spaces! We writers just have a big mess.

Evelyn Santiago said...

Patrica, this is such a wonderful idea. I love these artists work spaces. Thank you for sharing your little space, it is warm and lovely. I will have to try to send you some pics. It will be tricky since I live in my workspace.:o)))) Oh I will be visiting the other artist.

Abi said...

Wow.. these are so amazing. I love being nosey!! I must takes ome photos of mine!

Jollie said...

So nice to see the workingrooms/studios from others it is very inspiring! ;-)
Wish I had one... but who knows... one day! I keep on dreaming and wishing on a star maybe it will help :D

Hugs Jollie

Maria said...

I love the creative workrooms, one day i also will have one...for now i still dream of it and work on my diningtable.

Anonymous said...

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