Friday, 29 July 2011

News from the front

Hi everyone,

I am writing to you from a battlefield.

Things have been hectic lately.

There has been ups and downs, it was like beeing on a giant roller coster


I am still standing and have kept my head high.


I have chosen not to live in fear, nor panic ( this is when disaster occurs) and focus on the positive things that are around me like:

* Doll making which is such a complex but very therapeutic activity.

* I have focused on cute things

*Funny things!

* The wonderful company of children who always bring sunshine with their ideas and giggles

* And also goOOOoOod things !!!


It has helped a lot, believe me.

And you know what?

In the end, I found PEACE.

So, if you feel like your life is a bit like a jumble ( I think it is English, isn't it?) well, as long as you can, try to focus hard on the positive things.

If you can't, talk to a friend, share your worries, you can even write to me!

Life is too short my dear friends.

Hope this will help some of you.


PS: Have you noticed? I don't cough anymore!!!( giggles)

Love to all.


Kim said...

I feel like this post is for me today. Thank goodness I have little Miko under my desk to keep me smiling. I am glad your cough is gone my sweet friend and that you are feeling at peace. Mr Taz is the cutest dog ever- well except maybe for Miko :) Have I told you that I think your dolls just keep getting better and better??? I want to live close enough to take a workshop-even though I know they are meant for the children :) I am a child at heart- so I think that would count. OK-I am rambling on your comments section so I will tell you that I miss you, that I am grateful for your friendship and that your post today has made me smile :) xxxxooooo

Mary Ann said...

Taz looks very happy. Isn't he sweet:) I'm glad you are on top again and not down. Life is way to short. I did a 100 Happy Days Challenge once and I found that it wasn't hard to find lots of things in my day that made me happy. I discovered that my life is not really that complex after all:) Only if I make it so. Take care.

yoborobo said...

I love your doll - and your attitude. :)) It does feel a little like a battlefield out there lately. We need to circle the wagons and dispense hugs and perhaps, chocolate!
Take care, and I am glad your cough has gone away. xo Pam

flyingbeader said...

How lovely to hear from you again. Miss your post. You are SO RIGHT! I've had a very bad week with some very unfriendly and down right nasty people, but after having a dinner with my sister talking & laughing I am ready to face the world again.

Glad you aren't coughing. Summer colds are the worst.

Jan Conwell said...

Good that you found some peace, even better that you didn't sit around wringing your hands and crying about the lack of it. Sometimes, simply making up one's mind to DO something to bring about a change is enough.

maddyrose said...

Doll making and dogs, does it get any better?? I'm glad you're over your cough and that you are feeling more at peace with your world. I'm trying to find some peace in mine.

Mademoiselle G said...

Aw happy to hear that everything goes better now. I'm in a kind of period like this too, worrying about the future (just have finished university, don't know what I'll do next, and know that I should at least start searching for a job...).With the super bad weather we had here all july and the impression that summer's already gone without having begun...Ah, does'nt help!

But focusing on good things is an absolutely good idea. Off to the countryside for a long week end (and parents in law are gone, we have the house and garden just for us!). I'm now relaxing, reading blogs, and drinking a "apéritif poire chocolat" wich is delicious! :-)

Julie said...

It has been so long since I visited...but i love to see your sweet dolls and lovely posts. I hope you are well and that your road straighten's out soon to a smooth and bright path that leads to the ocean. I'm sorry when things get crazy...but they usually turn out in the end. :)

Are you curious about me? said...

Hello Patricia

Lovely positive post. I think that you have turned a corner as they say. Congratulations to you... And well done for being so very brave. Sending love and hugs ~ Julie.x

Evelyn Santiago said...

This is such a very encouraging post. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I'm so happy that your cough is gone. Sorry for being absent from your blog. I have been really busy lately but I'm finally able to breathe again. aha doesn't feel so good when you take a deep breath in and exhale. My doggie does this all the time when I'm cuddling with her. Please give Taz a kiss from me on that yummy belly of his. Your dollie is beautiful as always.
Hugs and sunshine, Evelyn

parlance said...

These are all great suggestions for trying to balance life's stresses. I hope things continue to improve for you.

dale's dreams said...

Good to hear, dear! They say it is always darkest before the dawn.

Sometimes, I think making some decisions is what is needed to pull you back up among the living. :)

Continue to hang in there sweetie, I think of you! :)

Karla of Dreamaginarius Arts said...

With your positive attitude there are no wall that will stand still in front of you!

bon courage!!!

my tiny studio said...

Don't know where I know this from but is a thing I live by
" Let's see where the day takes us."
You are a very beautiful person and I am sending a big bear hug :)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for peace and good things! What a lovely post---It brightens my day, as do your beautiful dolls : ) You're an inspiration!

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