Thursday, 1 November 2012

I am madly in love

Was I in a coma or something?
I realise that it has been ages since my last post.

Sorry for having let you down.

Just to keep you updated with the latest news relevant to this blog, well...things have been going at slow motion...super slow that it feels like I was suspended in time ...or lost in a twilight zone or something...

Anyway..the new doll's room hasn't evolved much from the last time but I think it is going to go to a little girls' home pretty soon as she really wants it. So, the projects are a bit changed at the moment.

There is a doll in the making ( she is already reserved), I am super slow at this too but am planning to make more pink ones shortly.

There is still one available at Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop if you really cannot wait ( I would contact them first to make sure the doll is still available).

But...the most important of am super madly in love!
His name is Harry and has been in my life for over a month now. I love him! I love him! I LOVE him!!!

But, in order to understand, I have taken some photos of us together.

Yep...This is my little Harry when he was only 8 weeks old.

And this is us bonding.

He is like a little shadow, following us everywhere . 
We cuddle and play all the time!

One day he even fell asleep in the middle of a "tickle my tummy" game...

Of course, he also has access to my imaginary world and seems to enjoy it very much.
One day, Harry chose to explore the dolls' house ( I knew this was going to happen!) .

He made the acquaintance of the owners of the house.

And found the lovely pastries all ready for a party

But he soon felt tired and it didn't take long before he found out the little bed was a perfect size for his nap.

But when Harry woke up, he was in a completely different world...
. see what I mean? 

Now he is 13 weeks old and is starting to look like a "big" cat. I mean...he has lost his baby look.
For you to understand, this is him aged 5 weeks ( during a visit to the house where I got him)

And this is him now...see the difference?

So...big sigh...I am madly in love with this fluff ball.
He makes us laugh and we've gone completely gaga in the house.
It is good to play, cuddle and every little part of him looks like a lovely piece of art : 
his stripes, his little pink nose, and...oh! ...his paws!!!

So...this is it...I am completely and utterly in love. feels sooooooooo good to be a mum again.

Bye for now my blog friends, I hope you too have someone to love and cuddle.


Sandra van Doorn said...

that was totally cute, Harry in your imaginary world, sleeping on that tiny bed... adorable.

Are you curious about me? said...

Hi Patricia, I can see why you are in love.. Harry is adorable.. Love the photo of him in the little bed.. So sweet.. ~ Julie.xx

Kim said...

Every time you talk about your kitty it makes me so happy. Harry is a lucky little guy to have such a wonderful Mommy. Miko and I send you both kisses :)

Joane said...

He's beautiful! Such a handsome cat! Also, he looks happy and content. Enjoy your little fluff ball!

yoborobo said...

I completely get this new love affair. Harry is adorable!

Queenie Believe said...

I can sooooo understand the intoxication of furry love! Your Harry is a total love kitty. The photo of him in the wee bed is beyond wonderful!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

DollMum said...

What a gorgeous kitten. when she was a teenager my sister had a similar (female) kitten whom she called Pumpkin.

dalesdreams said...

Enjoy his kittenhood. :) He is absolutely adorable! :)

miniacollection said...

Harry est trop mignon et je l'adore dans la maison de poupées. Le voir dans le lit me fait craquer, je fonds!!!...Il faudra que je trouve le temps pour t'écrire...
Gros bisous et fais un câlin pour moi à Harry.

Debora said...

This is the best excuse i've ever read for not posting!!! Hairy Harry is the luckiest cat in the world, cos he's been given the privilege to sleep in your miniature world, and wonder through it :)

Enjoy eachother, although ive no doubt after this adorable post.

Sans! said...

Good to see you back . A woman in love is a sight to behold :):).

Kisses to Harry and his hairy paws :):) muah muah muah

Natalie said...

Ahhh, il est super mimi! ♡ J'adooore les chats :)

Allison said...

He is such a handsome fellow! He looks just like my Howie, who also loves sleeping in dolly beds.

Anthropomorphica said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I want to eat him in a sandwich with some marmalade! Well, at least give him a lick, now I see why you haven't posted ;)

Anonymous said...

that paw...
soft and sweet
and full of fur...
too cute...happy
day my dear friend

Yve said...

Hee hee, I can see it's true lurve with little Harry ;o) I'm sure you two will be very happy together

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello Patricia
I adore sweet Harry! I have a soft spot in my heart for the ginger colored kitties...I always had one when I was growing up. They say the ginger colored ones have the most mellow personalities and I tend to agree. My sister Rebecca Howell-Gibson (in the Cloth and Clay doll ning site) had three, but now she has two. Whenever I go visit her they purr their heads off! The one she had to leave behind when the family moved from Massachusetts to Minnesota was the one who was the most shy, but he sat on my lap during an entire movie we watched one evening in their living room, he also purred constantly. I guess cats have that six sense and can tell who will be their friend.
I am so happy for you!!!
Teresa in California said...

I am speechlessss!!

These are the best images ever in the whole world ever ever ever!!!

I LOVE him!!!