Friday, 21 June 2013

Weight loss, makeup and...a wedding!

Dear friends,

I hope you have all been fine since your last visit.

Sorry for not being so much in touch but time flies and I haven't been doing much in dolly or mini world for a long time.
The main reasons why I am not very productive at the moment are VERY good ones and I hope you will understand and be patient with me:

To begin with, I have been on an intense weight loss program lately. I stick to super healthy food and work out 3 times per week at the gym. As a result , I have lost over 20 pounds in 3 months and I have to say I am really pleased as I was starting to put my health at risk with a bad diet and no exercise...but see by yourself!

I have also been developing my new services as a nail Technician and Make up Artist which I truly enjoy and started a new part time job as a beauty consultant for a very exclusive brand which I love a lot as well.

And am seriously starting to be obsessed with pictures like these:

Will probably start moving on to a different style of makeup on my future dolls!
But in the meantime, am enjoying doing makeovers "on real size dolls" and do their portraits:

So, as you can see, I am still on a very creative path, right?

And last, but not least...
I am getting married at the end of July 2013 ! I forgiven for not having created any little doll lately?

I hope you are all well.
Please keep in touch and I promise I will pop in to see wht you've been up to lately!

Keep on Dreaming!


Mary Ann said...


Bravo on the weight lose too:) The makeovers are wonderful:)

Titile said...

Incroyable le changement, félicitations donc pour la nouvelle allure, le nouveau job et le mariage! Whaouuu ça c'est intense! Tous mes voeux de bonheur!
Doux week-end!

Sandy Mastroni said...

what WONDERFUL wonderful news .... I'm so very happy for you !
God bless you !!!!

Yve said...

Congrats Patricia, sounds as though everything is coming up roses for you :o)

Kim Corey said...

Patricia, what wonderful changes you are making happen! Your joy and talents shine through! I'm happy for you, lucky lady! And I hope the wedding plans are being much fun! Thank you for sharing what you've been up to. The makeovers looks great, and so do you.

Kim @Bonne Nuit Designs

Pamela Smallcomb said...

You look beautiful! Congrats on the weight loss, and on all the new business adventures, and most of all, congratulations on your upcoming marriage! :)

Anonymous said...

you look awesome girl!
and a wedding...
the end of july
how exciting is
all of this...
and your dress...
are you making it
one must know these
things Patricia...
so happy and wishing
you lots, and lots of

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I am sooooo happy for you! All the best, my friend!!!



A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh! Congratulations! These are very good reasons for keeping you away from your blog. Your life must be very full at this point in time. I know you will keep your creativity flowing in all areas of your life, as all aspects of life are creative. I'm so happy for you that you are helping other people to find their personal make-overs. The before and after photos are so sweet and charming and you can see by the photos your clients are very happy and satisfied with the results!
And congratulations on the weight loss too...that's about how much I need to lose around my belly and thigh area...middle age spread!
I'll be participating in 'A Fanciful Twist's' Mad Tea Party July 13th...which I am sure you will be very occupied during the month of July.
Wishing you all the best in the days and months to come.
Teresa in California said...


Your life is in a glorious whirlwind! I love it!!

Congratulations on allt he goodness!!!

You are so beautiful, always!

Love, V

miniacollection said...

Super post! Je suis si contente pour toi, tant de belles et bonnes nouvelles. Tu es merveilleuse et j'ai hâte de te voir en mariée.
Les transformations que tu fais sur tes modèles sont impressionnantes.
Gros bisous

DollMum said...

What lovely news - congratulations and I hope the weather is kind on your wedding day.

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Clipping Path said...

have a nice wedding day

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