Saturday, 27 June 2009

The first adoption

So this is it, one of the girls has been adopted. The first to go. It seems that she's found a wonderful family of musicians who travel a lot!

This is the little note I found on my stall this morning when I arrived at the fair at Dicken's World.

I cannot wait to hear from her. Rose told me the name she'd chosen but I can't remember it...

I am sure we will find out soon.

It seems that Rose had a real crush for the doll. I can't tell you how happy I was to see someone so full of joy adopting one of my dolls.

Best wishes to the doll and her new family!


WhiteLady said...

Hi Patricia!

I thought I would just write you a little note to tell you how much we love having Winnifred Rose at home!

She is finding her way around nicely and is helping us decided on decor for the ongoing refurbishment of our home.
We have made a lovely bag for her to carry around her little Gingham Ninja friend too!

We are very proud to be the first adopters of one of your beautiful dolls but know that we will be far from your last,

With lots of love from,
Rose, Robert, Winnie & The GinGhaM NiNJa xxxx

Papillon Bleu said...

Ooooooooooooow! I am sooooooo pleased I can'tell you!
Thank you again!
All my love to the 4 of you!