Friday, 18 December 2009

Benjamin Pollock's Toy Shop in London

Hello everybody.If you are wondering what I am up to at the moment, well, I am trying to put a cardboard theatre's parts together. The result shoud be fantastic and I am looking forward to playing with my new acquisition.



Hmmm...this should be the result...but it is very easy to assemble and I don't need scissors or glue!
It is the story of Cinderella.
I bought this delightful Victorian cardboard theatre in London in one of my favourite shops:


(not to say Paradise for me!!!)

Anyway, I have put some pictures together so you can have an idea of why I love the atmosphere sooooooooo much. I know most of you love vintage toys too.
In addition, I have added a link in my right column (under the very useful blogs and websites category) to their website so you can have access to a lot of information and you can even buy online .
OR you can also click on the link below if you don't feel like checking on the right column.
And here is your little Papillon Bleu video!


PS: They are extremely welcoming there and take time to have a chat!


Kim said...

Patricia- How could you decide what Theatre to buy? I would want them all- this makes sooo many ideas spin around in my head! I'm off to take a look- thank you so much for the link!

ginger@bearbits said...

Hi there. I think I was in that shop ages ago. Of course, if I was to get back to the UK, I would definitely have to visit again. It does seem like a truly magical place and I can see why you enjoy it so much. I could probably spend hours in there. "I'll take one of everything, please!" :D I know you will come up with something very creative with your new little theatre. I can't wait to see what it will be. Have fun!


Susie Jefferson said...

I've been there a few times - what a wonderful shop! I could spend hours...

Just wanted to let you know I've featured your blog in my Pink Saturday post, and put in your adorable little video. I hope this will mean more visitors and followers!

DollMum said...

I love that little shop too and was lucky enough to go in there in June this year with my sister who was visiting the UK. Near Pollocks there used to be a dollshouse shop in Covent garden, but it has now closed, it was where I bought my first UK made miniatures when I came here over 20 years ago (a music stand and recorder).
Your theatre and video is great fun.

miniacollection said...

Je connais ce magasin et moi aussi je l'aime beaucoup. C'est très bien la vidéo que tu as faite, ça donnera aux gens qui iront aller à Londres d'aller y faire un tour.
Je sens que tes poupées vont bien s'amuser avec le théâtre, et toi aussi ... J'ai hâte de le voir fini.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Patricia, I found you from a link on Susie Jefferson's blog, and I am so delighted to meet you. Your videos are fabulous, and I have throughly enjoyed this one and as well as the one with Chole and the drummer boy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Pink Saturday to you...


Sheila :-)

julietk said...

A gorgeous shop which I have never been in, every time we have visited Covent Garden in the last 15 years we have been dragged into the transport museum by our darling son who is a Train enthusiast. I have had it in mind to make a theatre for my toys for some time but there are too many projects lined up :-) I am looking forward to seeing what your toys make of it.
hugs Juliet.

Alicia said...

j'adore ce magasin, grande fan!!!!

claudie said...

Susie sent me over. I watched your beautiful love story with Chloe and the little drummer boy... what a talented lady you are.
I'm going to watch more when I come back from Pink Sat. There are so many girls to visit.
Merry Xmas Patricia
J'adore ton blog.
Love Claudie

Anonymous said...

Good Lord !!! Que c'est beau !!! J'aime déjà beaucoup Covent Garden, et cette boutique est une vraie merveille. Merci de nous faire partager une bien jolie visite dans ce haut lieu de la tentation :) Ça donne tellement envie d'y aller ! Tous ces théâtres sont tous plus beaux les uns que les autres ! Tes jolies demoiselles vont adorer le spectacle !!! Belles préparations de Noël :) Gros bisous xo

Are you curious about me? said...

Wow, coincidences, I have just found this shop on the web,and fell in love, and I must have walked past the shop half a dozen times without realising what I had missed, thank you for sharing your theatre. I will visit Pollock's in the new year.

Merry Christmas

Shashi Nayagam said...

I go there so often but have missed it. Thanks for pointing it out Patricia. You are so talented with the video. It is so enchanting.

Pandora said...

What a great video. It is a fabulous shop.