Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The last video of the year, my last creative moments of 2009.

I have kept myself busy like a bee in this end of 2009. I have made a little theatre in a tiny box because if it isn't tiny it isn't funny.

I was in a mushroomy mood so I made... litte mushrooms. And because I didn't know what to do with them, I decided to make this tiny box.

Then, I had a bit of fun with Aliénore and decided to tie my hair with a Gingham ribbon like hers. It was a very girly moment and we did giggle a lot. Then I let her use the camera so she can take pictures herself...OK, the result is rather blurry but believe me it is not very easy for a small doll (I look much better this way anyway).Then we played some music and decided that we had to share something special with you to celebrate the end of the year.

We've made a story for you. Yes, one of those little videos with great settings and special effects. Well... a real Papillon Bleu Production.If you see what I mean...It was hard work. Believe me. It took me several days to do this ( including the building of my Victorian theatre purchased in London.

So this is it. The last story of the year. Maybe the first of the year if you are reading this after the 31st.

I wish you all a happy New Year 2010, I wish you a lot of creativity, lots of happiness and more dreams! I have been happy to meet you all and so pleased to have encountered many more lately.I know there will be more to come.

I recommend you make yourself a cup of tea before watching this video. It lasts 7minutes and 17 seconds.I hope you will like it.

(Thank you my sweet Aliénore for those beautiful pics...)

HaPpy New Year 2010!


my tiny studio said...

Really great story and the video was excellent !

Gerry said...

Wonderful ! your video is simply wonderful.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to glimpse into your world.
Oh, I love happy endings.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is absolutely adorable! How very talented you are! Applause! Applause! Applause!


Sheila :-)

dale said...

That was so charming!

I'm with the girls, I want another story! :)

Happy New Year!!!!! :)

Lize said...

.... SILENCE...
Then suddenly the audience BURST out , CHEERING and CLAPPING!!!

They enjoyed the movie!

A wonderful 2010 to you Patricia and to your Moochoo!

Anonymous said...

Another sweet creation
From the dreams of Papillon Bleu
I'm glad that others share your world
As I share mine with you.
Happy birthday for Sunday, darling!
Moochoo said...

it´s sooo brilliant!!

The best for you and your people!
keep up with your kind imagination!

miniacollection said...

Un grand merci pour ta video. J'ai tout aimé, tu es vraiment douée. Une belle façon de finir l'année.
Nina et Lucie ont beaucoup aimé aussi, Nina a réalisé (comme moi quand j'étais petite) qu'elle n'est pas une princesse, que elle pendant son sommeil elle écraserait lamentablement le petit pois. Je l'ai vite rassurée en lui disant qu'il n'y a pas que les princesses qui trouvent un prince, moi j'ai bien rencontré le mien.
Les filles m'ont demandé si il y aura d'autres histoires en 2010, j'ai répondu "bien sur", donc il faut maintenant que tu en prépares d'autres pour le plaisir de tous.
Bonne Année 2010 avec plein de belles créations.

miniacollection said...

Encore moi ! ... J'ai oublié de te féliciter pour ton théâtre de marionettes, le miniature et celui que tu as acheté. Il rend très bien dans la vidéo.
Best wishes.

Zlatica said...

Wow! This is so enchanting little movie. You are really a true daydreamer! And a very talented one!
♥ Have a beautiful New Year Eve. ♥
And thank you for the link to my blog...

alicia said...

il y a peu de temps j'ai dit à mon cher et tendre que j'adorerais avoir quelqu'un pour me raconter des histoires de temps en temps et me faire rêver un petit peu, j'ai trouvé Papillon Bleu et j'en suis enchantée!!!
Bon réveillon et une merveilleuse année pleine de rêves et de douceurs!



boitémoi said...

ben moi je veux bien t'en faire un d'agendadedame, mais tu veux pas me dire oukellest ta maison, alors comment je fais pour te l'envoyer? Bonne année à toi, madame la papillon faiseuse de merveilles, et à bientôt

Liberty Biberty said...

What a wonderful video! Liberty and I enjoyed watching it while we had our first breakfast of 2010!
Happy New Year!

silk purse said...

Precious and oh-so-creative, just like you "mon cheri"!

Thank you so much for particpating with our 14th little, Tuesday Tea For Two, blog tea party @ The Plumed Pen!~I love those darling and yummy Laduree pink tea cakes! (i've even made special mention you at the end of the blog post my dear about how talented ypu are!

I must run, but I wanted to also wish you Bon Annee in 2010!..,

I love your photos and the new look of your blog as well darling!

Cheers,blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee, a.k.a./ Silken Purse @ Silken Purse AND @ The Plumed Pen blogs

Kim said...

They just keep getting better. This is one of my most favorite stories and you have created the most wonderful video. Must you go to the garden?? We all want another story! All right, I shall behave and try to wait patiently for the next one. Happy New Year Patricia- so glad you are part of my life and inspire me to keep on dreaming :)

j.str. said...

Your mushroom's theatre is adorable!
Great video!
Thank You for comment and I wish You every happiness this New Year!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Happy New Year!

I came back by to watch your video again, and it is just as enchanting the second time around. And I watched Chloe and listened to your singing... enjoyed it ALL!

I hope that 2010 brings you all the joy and happiness you so liberally sprinkle into the lives of others...


Sheila :-)

mangocheeks said...

Happy New Year to you Patricia.

Lize said...

Tomorrow is Sunday...
The 3rd of January...
Is it your BIRTHDAY??

DollMum said...

As always your video stories are such fun and so creative. You may be a dreamer, but creative dreaming also means hard work in the background to make little gems like this one.
Happy New Year - and keep on creating.

Papillon Bleu said...

I cannot express to you how magical my day is when I read all your kind comments.
Thank you!Thank you! thank you!

Anonymous said...

It is a very lovely story très bien mise en scène dans un divin théâtre ! Quel joli talent ! Je suis persuadée que j'aurais personnellement très bien dormi dans ce magnifique lit et que le petit pois ne m'aurait aucuUunement dérangé... :))) PS - ma petite fille adore aussi !
Aliénore est très talentueuse égalemement, et sait prendre de très jolis portrait de vous, Papillon Bleu, ce flou est artistiquement poétique !

Je te souhaite une très jolie année, douce, joyeuse et pétillante pour 2010. À toi, ta famille et ta très sympatique petite troupe de théâtre ! Gros bisous
Ein glückliches neues Jahr ! xoxo

Dani said...

Hello , am here because of Kim, i know she bought one of your beautiful dolls, and said i had to take a look the your site and watch the video...i loved was magical !..Happy New year from Holland , and will but your blog with my favorites ;) xx Dani

parlance said...

The video story was lovely. I especially liked the sepia-coloured footage at the start and the end, and the music was beautiful.

And I did not notice any unusual spelling until I saw your credits at the end that said "spelling mistakes". To me there are no such things as spelling mistakes, there are only new way of presenting old words, lol.