Thursday, 14 January 2010

OWOH ... swaps and a farewell party.

On the 25th (and not the 15th as I said on a previous post) will be starting the One World One Heart event hosted by A Whimsical Bohemian. If you click on the OWOH ticket on the barside you will be transfered to her blog with explanation about the event if you also want to participate . If you just want to win something, well, just wait the 25th and I will then reveal my giveaWaY and tell you how to win it.Don't worry it will be extreeeeeeeeeeeeemely simple.

Before the end of last year, I fell in love with a little doll.The very sweet lady who creates them is called Alicia.A very talented little fairy maker who deserves to have more visits on her blog.She's French but understands English. I know she likes Papillon Bleu universe very much so I asked if I could swap the doll with her.Which she accepted.I was more than delighted.It wasn't too difficult to convince her anyway, all I had to do was :

I won't show you what I've sent her.It is a surprise.It is something that was precious to my heart but I sent it to someone special so no regret...

I have also finished a little doll for a very special little girl called Liberty. Who doesn't know Liberty? A lovely happy little blond girl who's mother Mercedes makes the most delicate
miniatures. OF COURSE you know who I am talking about!
If not click here

The doll is still home at the moment because the ladies in red of the house wanted to prepare a little farewell party.Strawberry Shortcake was in charge of the cakes so no suprise: strawberry cakes for everybody!

Her name is Ruby.Red is her favourite colour.

The picture below was taken after one of the ladies in red offered her a lovely red ribbon to put around her little neck.She was extremely proud to have this picture taken.


Kim said...

oh Patricia- Liberty is going to be over the moon with this doll- I love the red!

miniacollection said...

Merci pour me faire connaître le blog de faustine coquelicot. Je comprends pourquoi tu as voulu une de ses poupées. Je vais retourner voir son blog pour de bon. Grâce aux blogs on peut découvrir des nouvelles personnes et créations.
Ta poupée pour Liberty est vraiment mignonne et j'aime sa robe. Je suis sûre qu'elle va l'adorer. Comme toi j'aime beaucoup le blog Liberty Biberty.

artycho said...

Quel plaisir de se balader sur ton blog! Merci d'être passée par chez moi! Je suis dans la campagne du Cheshire.

Liberty Biberty said...

Oh my goodness Patricia! Ruby is beautiful, I love her dress! How fitting that Strawberry Shortcake is giving her a party, Liberty was very excited when we were looking around your blog the other day and she spied Strawberry! Santa gave her the Strawberry Shortcake cafe and it's being played with a lot! Santa just couldn't resist it, a cafe in a big Strawberry, LOL!
Not sure if I should show Liberty your pics yet or let her be surprised.

karina content said...

Dear Patricia , this is very very very nice so special !!!!!!!!

Alicia said...

coucou patricia, j'étais absente cette semaine, et en rentrant j'ai découvert la plus jolie des petites poupées, un vrai régal d'ouvrir ce petit paquet, tu vas très vite recevoir la tienne. Je suis toute fière, elle a pris place chez moi à un endroit où tout le monde peut l'admirer!! Merci mille fois et à très vite!!!!

Claire said...

Bonne Année!!
Je viens souvent par ici... silencieusement! et c'est un réel plaisir à chaque visite!