Friday, 22 January 2010

Thank YOU!

(photo from the Puppet Barge )

I've been busy like a little bee this week and that's how every week should be.

I've ben doing more little theatres for my little boutique or friends and now I just want to make more and more because it has become quite addictive and a tiny obsession .Do you have this feeling sometimes or am I ...weird?

I've been thinking a lot about my previous artistic career lately. Not being regretful at all... maybe a little nostalgic to be true. It is a piece of me anyway.I also think that here on this blog, it is a bit like being on stage again...Each time I write a post, it is like a little preparation, a rehearsal.Then, when I press on "publish ", the show is about to start.The audience is waiting (apart that I can go back and change a bit of this, a bit of that...).
Doing the French extending post for our French week was just a real delight I've got to say.
We were a troup of comedians all adding our personal touch day after day.I wasn't alone anymore! What a pleasure!
So, let me take a bow and thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart my dear friends.
You made it a very very special post.

THANK YOU...or should I say


Sans! said...

Like many others, I think your mini theatre is fabulous! And I am clapping now as you take a bow! Bravo, Patricia! *throw some roses onto stage, for another outstanding perfomance :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Patricia, I have been on a blog break, but I have got to tell you how absolutely adorable Chole is. She arrived and is very happy here in Florida! I let her investigate all of the birdhouses I collect, and she posed in front of several for a post that I will put up in the near future. She is just a delight! My husband thinks she's the cutest doll he's ever seen, and we can't thank you enough.


Sheila :-)

couleursetgourmandises said...

merci surtout à toi de nous faire rêver...
je viens très souvent te voir, sans laisser de traces, mais j'aime beaucoup ton univers!

miniacollection said...

merci pour nous avoir permis de nous exprimer, j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à faire mon post sur la France et de lire les autres.
Tes petits théâtres sont fabuleux. Au fait quel était ton ancienne carrière artistique ? Excuse moi d'être curieuse ...

Lize said...

Encore, encore... lots of cheering!!

I love your little theaters Patricia! They are so charming. Don't stop... the world needs more of your little theaters.

Oh, by the way you ARE weird, actually, we are ALL a little weird!

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Thank goodness the comment thing is fixed!
I can totally see that making those little theatres would be addictive!
I had a lady (actually the mother of a friend of Liberty's) tell me I was weird because I make miniatures!!! I was rather shocked I have to say!
How lucky we are to have found an audience that spans the world and understands us!