Monday, 1 March 2010

It's happened!

There are signs of Spring in the garden!

Even the mini garden gnome was happy to discover the crocuses.

He felt the urge to serve tea on his favorite toadstool.

Mister gnome was very happy indeed and enjoyed the feeling of the sunshine on his little cheeky happy face.

By the way...I think it is time this gnome had a name.

Any idea?


Kim said...

do not be alarmed if you see that Brainerd Minnesota has been to visit this post over and over and over again! I think I shall come here every time I am feeling down- a crocus!! Yesterday I begged my hubby to shovel down to some grass just so I could know it was still there :) The sun is shining this week though- so hopefully some grass will peek through soon! I wish I could join the gnome for tea- Cheeky Charlie? Roaming Rudolph? Exploring Edward? Tea Time Theodore? Okay- I'll stop being silly now ♥

DollMum said...

He has got such friendly little face and with a nice smile too. I can't think of a name at the moment.

I love the crocuses - first signs of spring at last!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

He's so cute, Patricia! I'll have to give it some thought. I saw some wonderful gnomish names when I was perusing some ancient Irish words. I'll check them again and see if anything seems to fit.


Sheila :-)

miniacollection said...

Cela sent vraiment le printemps ! Tes photos sont très belles avec le gnome nous sommes vraiment dans un autre monde, le thé est fabuleux, le genre de choses que Nina pourrait voir dans ses rêves...
Je vais réfléchir à un nom pour le gnome, mais peut-être que tu vas avoir une idée avant moi et les autres.

Jessica said...

oh....comme c'est agréable chez toi!!!! On aura juste envie d'écouter cette douce mélodie sur un beau balcon fleurie...ça sent bon le printemps ici!!! faut que je partage ça avec les autres bloggeuses!!! hihihi!
gros bisous!

Pandora said...

What about Larry? From the English expression "as happy as Larry". Before you ask, I have to tell you that no one really knows who Happy Larry was but it is an expression which means "very happy".

It has been such a lovely day here today and really feels like winter is on the wane.

I love the crocus photograph.

julietk said...

How lovely, great photo, I saw a small clump of those when walking my dog the other day and wished I had my camera with me I never think to take it.
I cannot think of a name to suit such a sweet little fellow maybe they have a traditional name or two I will have to look it up in my Gnome book.

The Visionary Butterfly said...

The flowers are purple-how lovely indeed. I am bad when it comes to naming things so no suggestions here. I've made a blog in dedication of miniatures, so please check it out and if you can follow me there. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Joseph ? Lucien ? Ton petit gnome a bien de la chance de profiter ainsi d'un si délicieux jardin fleuri de fausses oronges dès le printemps... Son jardin est magique ! J'attends avec impatience les premiers crocus et les daffodils :) Belle journée et gros bisous :) xo

a pink dreamer said...

hi! your photos are marvellous!!!!!i hink the gnome's name is Peppy!

silk purse said...

Hello my darling 'Papillon Bleu'!~ Aaah.., Finally
a touch of Spring!

It was a pleasure to have you visit my blog; I'm so delighted that you enjoyed my little breakfast table setting and thought it to be 'chic'~! What a lovely compliment my dear!

I think his name should be something like, 'Printemps Papillon Perky Peppykins' because he's so 'bright eyed', perky and cute!~ Also, I love 'alliterations' and he's your little 'Spring butterfly', perky little gnome, from your Papillon Bleu blog!..,

Cheers and hugs

my tiny studio said...

Your photos are fantastic :)


my tiny studio said...

◕‿◕ I do that alot ◕‿◕

Christine said...

Hey no fair!! I can't spot anything colorful in our garden(s) yet:)

Mr. Gnome should be given a unique name..I'd give him one that I could remember like John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt :)

Anonymous said...

I have been away from my home over twenty years now. Too too long...but I am lucky to visit once a year and with this images coming my way...on any given day, I can smile at that silly goose with his head in the snow and still enjoy winter! Blessings Eden

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Spring, new hero of a fairy tale !! Magic blog !

Lize said...

Hi Patricia!

My internet was off for two days! It was like my lifeline was CUT! It came on just in time for me TODAY to do my Alice post! Well better late than NEVER! Hope you can still add mine to the slides? You too haven't done many posts, so I assume you have been very busy too.

Denise said...

Uuuhh! Thank you for the beautiful reminder. We haven't seen a single flower here yet. Maybe in the next couple of weeks.

Carousel Dreams said...

He is a splendid little gnome - how about Jeremiah? Ah, spring, we have just entered Autumn here in Oz, and after many extremely hot summer days, just had 2 days of unbelievable storms!

Carousel Dreams said...

Such a cheeky gnome, how about Jeremiah? Ah, Spring, we have just entered Autumn here in Oz, and after many extremely hot, dry days, just endured a weekend of wild storms, and heavy rainfall!

Rose minuscule said...

Magnifiques photos pleines de rêve!
Et j'adore tes poupées! bravo!!

Camille à la Vanille said...

mais c'est trop mignon tout ça!Quelle féérie, tout me plaît!bisous à toi!

GardenDesigner said...

Oh!!! I see flowers through the looking glass!

I cant believe my eyes!! All these years... when ever I would see a gnome, I would cringe!! ( How stupid, and kitchy!! I thought!)

last week I bought THREE!!!! and I red roofed toadstool house!!
What has happened to me!!??? Ha ha !!
Am I getting old? ... have they cast a spell over my sense-ability???

Well at least the first thing I did was add sparkles and glitter to it all!
Then they really were special!!
Name him Swen!! I will think of names for my three!! ... hmmm!