Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Frog Story or The Wind of Change

Dear blog friends,
I told you I would explain a bit more about why I hadn't been so present here on Blogland lately and there is a very good reason. Let's call it, the "wind of change".
I never thought that one day, I would find a universe out there in the jungle ( =real world) where my dreams could have a "normal" place.
I have started a brand new life where Papillon Bleu can spread her wings and feel herself.
It is a place where dreams are possible, it is a place where children are mini Kings and mini Queens. It is a place full of toys, full of beautiful clothes for mini Princesses and mini Lords.
It is a place where you see mothers bursting with love for their children. It is a place where even fathers and grandfathers return to their very own childhood. Yes, I've seen this very special sparkle of love and happiness in their eyes each time they enter the shop. is a shop I am talking about but not just any shop.
A shop called CHILDRENSALON. This is where I have been these last weeks.
I am surrounded by magical toys and the most beautiful clothes one could ever dream of for a child.
On 2nd March 2010 Papillon Bleu UK universe entered the universe of CHILDRENSALON ( amazing website too!).
And you know what?
I am happy.
And this is my first story for Childrensalon.
Hope you will enjoy it.
All the best to you all.
( please don't forget to pause the blog's music in the side bar)


Lisette said...

Have you to my e-mail? today have I to you e-mail with the code translate google.

Pandora said...

Sounds wonderful Papillon Bleu.

I love the new video.

Lize said...

Hi Patricia!

From your words, I can hear a genuine happiness. I am so glad for you little Papillon Bleu, that you can spread your wings!

Kim said...

Patricia- I am so very happy for you and for CHILDRENSALON --they are just as lucky to have you as you are to have them! Another beautiful video :) I LOVE the frog lamp- I kind of want one now! Big hugs to you my sweet, sweet friend!!

apinkdreamer said...

hi!i'm so happy for you! the shop is fantastic!the clothes are wonderful!!! i've seen alot about my 2 sons! is the shop yours???
thanks alot for visited me the other day!

miniacollection said...

C'est un bonheur de voir comme tu as l'air heureuse. Ta vidéo est très belle, j'aime ton style.
Grâce à toi j'ai découvert Childrensalon, c'est incroyable ! ...
Un nouveau chemin dans ta vie, c'est formidable.
Grosses bises.

Anonymous said...

Wish you success and happiness with Childrens Salon. Love your videos and dolls so will always be popping by. Carol x.

Julie said...

Ahh, how exciting! A big, big congrats to you! What an enchanting always everything is beautifully flawless! Glad to see you are well. : ) xxx

Anonymous said...

It sounds very exciting!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! A fairy tale for a fairy!
You know i love your valiant little frog and his beautiful light :-) Wish you a wonderful weekend My sweet friend! xoxo

dale said...

Loved your sweet film. :)

I looked for you there and couldn't find you???

Anonymous said...

oh my, i love the frog...and the transformation...and the lamp and that darling fun here at Papillon Blue UK!!!

Marie-pierre said...

Ha Ha ! good news, I'm glad to know you're happy ! I'm happy too for you !

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I am absolutely thrilled for you, Patricia! This is wonderful, wonderful news!

I've been MIA with workmen at our retreat, and I haven't had computer access. Will visit you again soon when I return to blogging. I still have a post to do on my precious girl, Chloe.

Sending you warm hugs and best wishes across the miles!


Sheila :-)

verolacrado said...

Oui bon ça va, c'est l'adresse de ma copine qui est parmi nous, et je n'avais pas vu que j'étais sous son adresse !!!!!
Muxu, muxu,VIETVERO

Jessica said...

hihihi!!! trop drôle la traduction! mais au moins ça me permet de comprendre un peu plus tes post! J'espère que tu vas bien, on te fait de gros bisous!

julietk said...

I am glad to hear you are happyily spreading your wings. The childrens salon sounds lovely I will have to investigate :-) Great film and a sweet lamp. Sorry it took me so long to find your new post when I am busy I rely on my dashboard to show me new posts but this did not show or I missed it but after a week or so I always come and look to see if all is ok with my friend patricia xx Juliet

lorencel said...

merci merci!
ça y est, on est rentré, bouhhh!!!!!

Liberty Biberty said...

Another wonderful story...Liberty so enjoyed it she thought it was too short!!

parlance said...

That's a beautiful video. Any child who slept beside a lamp like that after seeing your film would feel cared for and safe. I love the two transitions you did, especially the brief one where the tress morphed.

Does Childrensalon sell lamps like that?

Sans said...

Patricia, this is amazing news and truly a dream come true for an artisan like you who simply believes in spreading your love through toys creatively made by you. I am really happy you found your platform and all my best and sincerest wishes ! :)