Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Things to share with you

There are universes here on blogland that are so enchanting that you just don't want to share them. You just want to keep them just for yourself like a child who doesn't want to share a new toy.
There is one I would like to share with you dear blog friends. Enough of childish selfishness.

Let me introduce you to ARTFUL FAIRYTALES .It is a blog that will make your imagination wander with its delightful and colourful pictures and enchanting words.

There is also a giveaway that will end on 29th May.
So, if you feel lucky, just stop and grab a bit of fairy dust.
Click on the pic to visit.

On another note, if you have enjoyed Alice in Wonderland, I highly recommend the absolutely fabulous book by Nancy Wiley. For those who love fairytales and Art dolls.

Click on the photo below to fly to her universe.


flo said...

Photographies are magnifics... Do you make a wish ?
See you soon... I will continue my visit...

Gemma (Gempo) said...

Wonderful blog Patrizia tks for show, I like more video of porcelain figures. Wonderful music in your blog. Best wishes

miniacollection said...

Merci pour le lien , il y a des photos superbes dans ce blog.

ben... MinnieM... mais toute seule... said...

waouh ! merci pour le lien, les photos sont maginfiques !
et j'en profite pour te faire un chtibizoute, ça fait un bout de temps qu'on s'est pas fait des coucous !!!

Cyriaque_L said...

J'ai le livre de Nancy. Ainsi que la poupée Alice. Son travail est fabuleux ! Je suis fan depuis des années. C'est ma version favorite d'"Alice au Pays des Merveilles"

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, how sweet of you to mention me....you are too kind...i just love your place, your blog...imaginative and whimsical full of sweetness...its always a treat to visit and my nine year old...she loves it here too...love nancy's alice...gosh you girls just amaze me with your talents...blessings my friend...Eden

Ann said...

Love that Room of Butterflies from Bright Star - a film I have missed and must catch up with soon. What a lovely blog you have Patricia - and thank you so much for commenting on my photo of the Papillon Bleu - they are so hard to capture on camera as they are so tiny and never seem to settle anywhere for long. Did you know only the males are blue - the females are a lovely golden colour!

boitémoi said...

cinq you veri meutch for ze traductor de mon coeur, ça va m'aider beaucoup.... Biz!