Friday, 21 May 2010

Aliénore's Birthday A Story in Two Acts


Are you here? please tip toe in and make sure you whisper...shhhhhhhHHhhhh...
Make yourself at home, take a seat, have a cup of tea and a slice of cake. ShhHhhh...

Here she comes!

We don't want to spoil the surprise...

Are you still with us?

Ok, while she is on her way back from the shop let me show you what the children have prepared for this lovely doll ( if you click on the children's names you will discover who has been kind to tell them about the surprise party):

By Clara( who has her own blog)

By Liberty

This one is by "Omé"

by Emily

by Valerie
by Andy

by Hannah

By Nicholas

I am very impressed! you've all done a fabulous job and I will make sure that Aliénore sends you all a Thank You card.

Shhhhhhhh...I can here her in the lane.

She is getting closer... And closer...


1, 2, 3!!!

Oh! what a party! hope you've all had fun!

Aliénore is in bed now but if you don't feel like going to bed yet, you can continue to party over there with all the other guests.
Thank you! thank you! THANK YOU!

My Enchanted Home

Carousel Dreams

OooooooOooooooooooOOOOoooh there is another party here at The Quintessential Magpie!

just for Aliénore!

NANNYKIM has also prepared a special surprise for Aliénore. SO ADORABLE !

FLOWERS and ART (my dear friend KIM)



I initially used to sell my dolls on craft fairs,but do you know why Aliénore was never sold to the market?
If you find the answer to this question, I will be more than pleased to prepare a personalised doll for you.


I cannot wait to read your answers.

Time for me to go to bed. I will come and pay a little visit to everybody tomorrow.

Good luck!

Keep on dreaming my dear friends!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

This was absolutely adorable, Patricia! Happy Birthday to dear Aliénore! Loved this SO much!


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I had to play them both again, and the pictures from the children are adorable.

I love Aliénore's party dress! This is just the cutest thing ever.


Sheila :-)

apinkdreamer said...

what a wonderful party!!! i hope alienore likes her portrait i made for her!!!
well,i think she was never sold because you loved her so much and so did she...
am i right?

nannykim said...

What a wonderful party, Alienore!! I love your new clothes!! I am wondering how the film of your birthday was made?? Nannykim needs to learn this for her monkey blog!

nannykim said...

Perhaps Alienore wasn't sold because she was loved to much....

nannykim said...

Or perhaps she was the first of a proto type and you have to save the first one made!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I almost missed the question. You didn't sell Alienore because she was kidnapped by pirates, and when she was returned, you vowed never to be separated again! You love her far too much!


Sheila :-)

Carousel Dreams said...

Oh my! I am beyond enchanted! What a wonderful party! And a carousel! I am smiling from ear to magical. And of course you could not sell Alienore! No look at that adorable face and you were smitten! But I suspect she has sentimental value to you...

daylily777 said...

Happy Birthday Alienore ! What a fabulous party ! I love your new outfit ! You have received such wonderful gifts ! I know she is much loved so that has to be at least part of the reason , she was never sold . I have noticed in some pics one of her legs look shorter than the other .( this may just be the way she is sitting ) But that is my guess.
Blessings & Hugs,

Liberty Biberty said...

Liberty truly enjoyed the party videos! She felt like she was right there with you and she wants to party on here at home now!

Kitty said...

I think Alienore was never sold because the back of her head was done wrong or something happened to it because you never see the back of her head.

lorencel said...

mince!!!on a oublié le dessin pour aliénor!! c'est trop tard?
je crois que tu ne l'a jamais vendu ta poupée, parce que elle fait partie de la famille, tout simplement!

ben... MinnieM... mais toute seule... said...

paske c'est ton premier bébé ???
(ps, as-tu vu où j'étais le w-e dernier ?)

Lindsay-ann said...

Happy Birthday Alienore.
I loved watching the two enchanting little films. All the pictures are gifts she received were all great. Looks like she had a perfect day.
My wild guess answer to your question is:
Alienore is based on a family member such as your mother or grandmother when they were a child. Therefore you could never sell her because she is extra special and part of your family history.

Anonymous said...

Well, my dear friend, if you are anything like me...and I am discovering little by little you are, maybe just maybe Alienore was never sold because she was ever to precious and dear to your so many pieces of my art, I cannot bear to part with them...and so they grace my shelves and my walls. PS so happy you have found haven in our favorite melodies.

Christine said...

EEkk!! We completely flaked on the drawing:(
So Sorry we'll have to make up for it somehow.
This post is so darling..the drawings and photos are so sweet~they would look wonderful compiled in a book. I will return when I get back from some appointments today and visit the bloggers who participated:)

Clara said...

Merci!!! Je pense qu'Aliénore s'est trop attachée à toi, qu'elle veut faire les beaux-arts plus tard, alors elle s'exerce avec toi en attendant et qu'elle est très gourmande et ne peut pas on plus se passer de tes religieuses à la rose et à la violette ❤ Joyeux Anniversaire Aliénore !

Susie Jefferson said...

Hi Patricia, and Happy Birthday to Miss A - a whole year old, and very grown up now. The dress is very chic! What lovely videos you do - I am always enchanted.

I wonder if Alienore was never sold because she's your alter ego, having the childhood you never had.

Sarah said...

Alienore's birthday party was over the top. I'm still dancing in my chair. Love your music! The videos are beyond charming.
Well, Alienore was never sold because she stole the heart of Papillon Bleu and is comfortably settled into her home with you. And who could blame her? I can't think of a more enchanting home in which to live!
Happy First Birthday, Alienore!

dale said...

This is all so cute, I simply adore your videos, especially the first one with her at the shop.

Love the childrens art! :)

Looks like she had a lovely day.

I can't guess. :(

miniacollection said...

Aliénore a eu un anniversaire extraordinaire, tant de belles surprises.
J'ai adoré tes 2 vidéos. Quel bonheur! avec la 2ème j'ai vraiment eu l'impression d'être à la fête avec Aliénore. La 1ère est tout simplement fantastique, Aliénore est très élégante avec sa nouvelle robe. Elle a dû se sentir très privilégiée avec toute l'attention qu'elle a eu dans le magasin.
Les vendeuses de Childrensalon sont formidables d'avoir participé ainsi.
Merci pour ces beaux moments de bonheur.
Grooses bises

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Aliénore!!! avec un tout petit peu de retard!! encore un joli au pays des merveilles de Papillon bleu!!

Cyriaque_L said...

Happy Birthday Aliénore !

Anonymous said...

Ça, c'est une superbe fête ! J'adore sa nouvelle robe ! Joyeux Anniversaire Aliénore ! :-)

Kim said...

Oh how I wish I had been there for the sweets buffet! Happy be-lated Birthday Alienore!! I love your new dress, and what beautiful drawings and presents you received!

Abi said...

Hey... loved reading your blog, didn't quite get time to read a whole years worth, but I loved the photos of your home town. I'm guessing you didn't want to part with Alienore because she would never be a able to visit Angers again. Sorry about your cat :O(

Will certainly let you know when I'm doing the raffle... probably after the Dubai show in July.
Where abouts in Kent do you live? I was born and grew up in Cambridge. :O)

Zlatica said...

That was amazing party! Sorry we forgot about the picture. We have so many school tasks these days with my kids - I´m tired of it...
Alienore is you best friend - how possibly could you split!!!
And to your question: my dolls are 15cm tall -


lorencel said...

tu m'as traité de "vieille"???
non mais!
tout se perd, il n'y a plus aucun respect...-)

merci en tous les cas!

apinkdreamer said...

hi! i have just posted on my blog some words of the beautiful book you sent me! thanks!!!
the little fairy you saw at the beginning of my post is a graphic not a sketch of mine! you can take it and use it if you want!!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Patricia, I just spent some time re-reading all of your posts. I am thinking one of two things now. It's either for the reason below...

"I have to confess that I am a bit mad about my last doll. It was such a hard work to make her. As you have seen, I have spoilt her. I have no intention to sell her at all! I love her to much!"

Or because the little dolls kidnapped her and held her for ransom. You built a candy tree to trap them, and then you made them tell you where she was. She was hidden in the bookshelf and bound and gagged so she couldn't get away. You had been very distressed and missed her terribly, so you rejoiced that you had her back!

The pirate was just someone who fell in love with her, as we all do!


Sheila :-)

Jessica said...

Vraiment adorables ces dessins! J'imagine ta joie et celle d'Alienore en créant ce post...!
Passes une bonne journée et à bientot!

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

This was absolutely adorable. Happy Birthday Aliénore!!! :o)

Papillon Bleu said... is very interesting to read everybody's answers...I will wait a little before I reveal the answer.
Some might want to give it a chance too.


parlance said...

That was a lovely new dress that Alienore bought at the shop (what a great shop) and I thought the standing comedian was wonderful. I wonder what jokes he told.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Patricia, thanks so much for your birthday greetings to Mr. Magpie. They made his day complete, and he got to yours and said, "LOOK! Patricia spoke French to me in hers!" He was thrilled! Of course, he has no idea what you said in French, but he was thrilled all the same! LOL! He and I both have some French ancestry.


Sheila :-)

Tiggy said...

Oh What Wonders and Whimsy! I so so SO Love your inventiveness and Dear Alienore!

Now Tiggy sez that Alienore was not sold coz she snores...

BUT actually we believe its because she is your Best Beloved, and So Belonging Right Where She Be's!!!

Oh to Many More Happy Adventures Dear Alienore! Happy BestMost Birthday Indeed!
Love, Tiggy!

Anonymous said...

Patricia...the ocean the Elephants are amazing isn't it...but i cannot take any credit...for that artist beauty...showed the girls your blog and they love, love, love the party videos and pictures...a very fun event to watch at any age...blessings Eden

mangocheeks said...

Wonderful film. I enjoyed Alienore party and her presents. the quilt was especially wonderful. Warm wishes for many more birthdays.

This is a generous offer, how can I resist guessing. Forgive me for the assumption, but I am guessing Dear Alienore may have arrived in England with you?!