Sunday, 2 May 2010


Dear blog friends,

on the
21st of this month

will be Aliénore's first birthday.

With the toys of the house we have planned a very special day for this sweet little doll whose adventures you've been following for almost 365 days!

I have asked Aliénore what would please her for her birthday and she said she would love to see some
children's drawings of her.

How sweet!

So, if you have children, grandchildren , nephews, nieces... well, tell them about little Aliénore who would love to have a portrait of her.

There will be prizes to win!

Send me the drawings via e-mail before th 20th and don't forget to specify your name and age. I will publish the drawings here on the blog.
The doll has got absolutely no idea of what has been organised for her on this very special occasion .

There will be many surprises for the adorable Aliénore.

Everything will be revealed on the 21st.
If you are no longer a child but still young at heart, you are more than welcome to prepare something for her. A photo, a poem, ANYTHING you want to surprise Aliénore.

Will you join in?

Feel free to grab the picture below to announce the event on your blog and let me know you are participating by leaving a comment here so I can get the link to your blog and add you as a special birthday guest on the 21st.


apinkdreamer said...

hi blogfriend and neighbour in fairyland! how are you? your idea is fantastic! of course i'll join with my sons and my students!!!
tell alienore that there is a fairy party on my blog and she is invited to take a look!!!

apinkdreamer said...

oh! i forgot to tell you that on this day(21st may) i have my name party!!!here in greece is the day of saints konstantinos and eleni!!!
so this would be a special day!!!

apinkdreamer said...

oh! and i have just ordered your beautiful hope theatre-box!!!!

mangocheeks said...

What a wonderful Birthday wish.

Liberty Biberty said...

How Exciting!
Nothing excites Liberty more than a party! She'll get drawing straight after school I'm sure!

lorencel said...

un carré de fleurs, j'aimerai!-)

pour répondre à ta question, la technique du transfert est très facile:il ta faut un ordi, une imprimante et du papier specifique pour le transfert:tu choisis une photo, un dessin...tu l'imprime sur ton papier transfert;puis tu repasse ce papier sur ton tissus et le tour est joué, ton image est transférés sur le tissus!
that's it...
bonne journée:-)

Anonymous said...

I love this! It's absolutely enchanting! I know many children who would love to participate. When do the pictures need to be in by? Blessings Eden!

miniacollection said...

Quelle bonne idée ! Je vais en parler à ma nièce qui adore dessiner. J'ai hâte de voir les résultats des dessins qu'Aliénore va recevoir.

Anonymous said...

I just read again with my little companion and see its the 20th. We are going to be making pictures and asking other friends to draw for this exciting party!!! Be sending our link soon! Blessings Eden and Miss Ray

Anonymous said...

We will be making something ARTfully pretty for this Pretty Doll...

Anonymous said...

Je vais parler de l'anniversaire de Mademoiselle Aliénore à ma petite poulette :-) Bisous to both of you xo

GardenDesigner said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
I will try to remember to draw something up for you!
I am going crazy busy with my gardening business!
Wow!! It is a popular time of year for flowers!!

Happy Spring!!


Cyriaque_L said...

That's a so lovely idea ! But chut !!! If that's a surprise...

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This sounds like such fun! Can't wait!

And I have a shot of Chloe on my post today, Patricia, but I'm going to formally introduce her in her very own post. I did give you a shout! :-)



Jessica said...

Coucou ma belle!!!! Message presque reçu (trop drôle le traducteur!!!), je mets Juline à ses crayons!!!! et je fais passer le message!!!!

Anonymous said...

have six little people coming today...going to get them in touch soon...Eden

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh...c'est mignon, ça! Je n'ai pas d'enfants, mais moi, je suis artiste....mais les adultes ne peuvent pas participer, n'est-ce pas? Merci pour être venue aujourd'hui!

Bon dimanche Papillon! Anita

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Patricia, I tried to email you, and I'm not sure it went through. I need a picture of YOU! I also want to know if it's okay if I link to the Chloe video on You Tube from my blog. I'm blogging about you and Chloe and your dollmaking as promised!!! Please let me hear from you. You can email me at my blog or just reply in a post, either way.


Sheila :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Bonjour Mlle Papillon! Oui, s'il vous plaît, vous pouvez m'enscrire! Je voudrais bien dessiner pour ce concours! Merci vais commencer ce matin!!!:)

J'aime bien m'amuser comme les enfants....bien sûr, je suis professeur dans la quatrième année!!!

Merci et à bientôt, Anita

Sans said...

I wish I could join you alas, I am unabel to submit a drawing :(. Have fun dearie :) , I will gate-crash to see the progress and view from the windows .:)

Zlatica said...

Patricia, this is exciting! I will tell my older girl about this special Aliénore´s day.

Anonymous said...

here is the post with pictures from my six artful children...

apinkdreamer said...

hi! i received the theatre hope!!! it is fantastic and my little fairies , my witches and my elves are going to play there in a few days!!!
thet all thank you for your wonderful gifts!!!we love you and your beautiful blog!!!be always happy!!!

Christine said...

What a sweet idea!! I have a four year old who isn't quite into drawing but I'll see if he can't create something for the party:)

apinkdreamer said...

hi! i put alienor's party banner on my blog! i hope you do not mind!!!
have a fairy nice week!

Sarah said...

Hi, Patricia! I've just popped over from Mrs. Magpies where I met the enchanting Chloe. I'm so thrilled to find you. I've added myself as a new follower and added papillon Bleu UK to my Blog Roll. I'll be back for many visits. Thank you for sharing your creative spirit with us. Your video of Chloe is stellar. ~ Sarah

Lindsay-ann said...

Hello Patricia
I came over from Mrs Magpie's blog after reading about her adorable little doll Chloe. Your dolls are gorgeous. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hello Again Patricia
Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I don't have many UK blogging friends either so I too am happy to meet you. I am up north in Yorkshire but we travel down to Essex regularly to visit my mother in law. YES I love dolls. I have made fimo dolls house food in the past. I have a 1970's Lundby Stockholm 3 storey dolls house that I am restoring and collecting furniture for. I love all things miniature. I have told my daughter (age 13) about your party for Alienore. If she gets time she will do something but she is busy with exams right now.
Best Wishes

Dena E's Blog said...

Just poppped by from the Quintessentials Magpies wonderful place~~~ Hello and what a lovely doll you have created. God must truly bless you and my my look at all these comments you have received!!! How fun.. Your doll friends are so special, they must bring much delight to many..I am an artist and would love to draw some of them if its alright with you..Let me know and do stop by my blog to know more about me and what I do..(((HUGS))) Dena

daylily777 said...

Nice to meet you , also .
I would love to join in.I will include my granddaughters . I love your Blog !

Jeanne said...

Hi Patricia, your sweet doll is adorable. I know she will have the most fabulous birthday. I'm thinking of what I might give her. smile.
Hugs, Jeanne

dale said...

Happy Birthday! :)

This is such a cute idea! :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Patricia, I did a special surprise post for our little friend. Shhhhh.... don't want to say it too loud, but it's posted on my blog. ;-)


Sheila :-)

nannykim said...

I have done a happy birthday post for you here, girlie:

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Last but not least, a friend of mine NannyKim saw the party on my blog and hosted one on hers as well. Here is the link. You'll need to cut and paste to get there, Patricia. ENjoy!


Sheila :-)

julietk said...

Once again my dashboard failed me Patricia and I missed 3 posts I am stamping my foot in temper luckily it was for the children to participate this time :-) and so you were in good company and so was Alienor. The party looks fabulous at least you captured it forever so I could come and see it even at this late stage. I have been very busy making things for the Summer fair in Chelsea I am attenting in June I am so glad you came and commented on my blog which reminded me to visit you. I must remember that the dashboard is failing and visit you unprompted in future. I was sure you were so busy with the Childrens Salon you were not posting. Veuillez me pardonner mon respect Juliet d'ami.