Saturday, 5 June 2010

The birth of Aliénore

Once apon a time, there was a woman who was looking for a job as she had moved in a new country. It was very difficult and to keep her head up, she decided to use some of her favourite material and cotton to make some dolls.It was hard work as she had never made a doll before.

She thought that maybe she could sell the dolls on the market by the time she could settle in this new country.

She put a lot of effort in her dolls and sometimes did some mistakes .
When she made Aliénore, she had forgotten to stich the arms of the doll. Horror!

Then she had absolutely no idea of how to make her hair look nice at the back.

To complete the catastrophic sewing mistakes on the doll, one of the legs was shorter than the other.

There was no chance for the doll to be sold at the market.

But , as all the other dolls , Aliénore went for a little stroll out once she was finished.

She had to be introduced to the world.

During the walk, the woman couldn't help but smile at the doll and realised that all the little flaws of Aliénore made her even more special.

She loved her so much !

She knew that a new member of the family had come to the world.
Such a cute smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

Since then, Aliénore had her hair done properly, both her legs have been sewn again and so were her arms.
The little doll now has a very exciting life filled with adventures that we are happy to share with you on this blog.

Here she asked me to take a picture of her as if she were Alice Liddell...

Funny Aliénore!

So , my dear friends, this is how my sweet Aliénore came to my life.

Since then,as you know, all her little flaws have been corrected but there is no way that I can part with her.

Most of you were absolutely right about the reasons why she was never sold to the market. So I decided to put all your names in a little bol at the shop and waited for a child to come and pick one of the pieces of paper.

It didn't take long before a beautiful little girl enterd the shop with her mother.

She was happy to play the game and we are now happy to reveal who is going to have a personalised doll.

Congratulations to you Tiggy!

Now, as promised, Aliénore is going to write her thank you cards to the children who have participated so I am going to pay a little visit to some of you as I haven't got your address yet.

Keep on dreaming my dear friends!


apinkdreamer said...

what a wonderful story!!! i hope you are happy with your life now! but...i do want a personalized doll! so if you can please contact me sometime! you see my little fairies want a new friend!

Susie Jefferson said...

What a wonderful post - and having had (and given away) the very same tiny sewing machine, I'm amazed you were able to make anything on it! Never mind lovely Alienore! A truly fascinating story, and big congratulations to Tiggy on being the winner. I know she'll treasure her new friend.

Alicia said...

Une petite histoire toute mignonne...parfois la toute première poupée que l'on crée a un petit "quelque chose" de spécial qui fait que l'on s' crois même que l'on s'attache trop facilement à toutes ces petites demoiselles, elles ont toutes leur histoire, leur personnalité comme de vraies personnes, après tout elles nous apportent peut-être même plus que de vraies personnes...

Beansieleigh said...

A beautiful story about a doll and her maker! I love dolls, and love making them too! Little Alienore is very sweet, and it is a pleasure visiting with both of you today! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

Sans! said...

Do you know I even read your French blog to find out why you never sold her ? :):). I am glad you wrote this post. A beautiful story about the beginning of a beautiful friendship :). Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay-ann said...

I loved hearing about how Alienore came to be. Such a lovely story you shared. Congratulations to lucky Tiggy. I am sure she will be delighted to own one of your lovely dolls.

sylvie said...

Cute Aliénore........

miniacollection said...

Quelle belle histoire! Je comprends pourquoi elle est si chère à ton coeur. J'adore les photos qui ont illustré la naissance d'Aliénore.
Félicitations à Tiggy.
Omé était très fière de voir son dessin sur ton blog et elle a beaucoup apprécié les vidéos.
Gros bisous.

lorencel said...

elle est belle ton histoire avec ta poupée, la première est toujours particulière....-)

Zlatica said...

I´m happy that now I know Alienore´s story.
Wishing you all the best,

Tiggy said...

Tiggy is so Thrilled she hasnt stopped dancing ever since finding out! SQUEEEEEEE!!!

We are truly touched at your beautiful story of Alienore and hope that you will make a childrens book of it. Including all the beautiful pics from the videos and the wonderful art that the children sent oooooh and the wonderous loving presents people sent after being so inspired by Alienore!

Tiggy is beyond Thrilled and truly Leaping for JOYs!!!

Alienore - you Do Be Da Bestest!!!

Many Many Thanks!!! ~ LuV ~ TiGGy

Anonymous said...

Si tu passais faire une partie de nain jaune, Edward? Je suis coincé pour un petit moment, Victoire n'a toujours pas perdu sa dent. Je t'envoie une dent-de-lion, dès que tu l'aperçois cramponne-toi !

Allez Zou ! C'est parti ⤵⤴⤵⤴

Marcel ❀

Anonymous said...

What a great story and wonderful post. Congratulations to the winner of one of these prescious little dolls.

julietk said...

It was lovely to read yours and Alienor's story. I am glad you decided to venture into the world of Dolls and that you now have work in the shop too.

Ann said...

Rats! I'm never the lucky winner..... but the post was lovely and I really enjoyed Alienore's life story. Please tell us some more of her adventures!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh ma chère papillon!!! C'est vraiment charmante, cette histoire! Comme tu es rêveuse, comme moi!!! J'adore ta façon de raconter tes images, tes images et tout ce qui est féerique. Tu es bienvenue chez moi n'importe quand! Merci aussi pour être venue et voir le BLEU de mes rêves...Bonne nuit chèrie!!! Anita

sylvie said...

au fait, la 1er photo, celle de t petite valise est une merveille... des rubans des trucs des machins................... haaaaaa...

sylvie said...

you are taguée!!!

Abi said...

Sweet as! loved your post, made me smile :O)

Sarah said...

Oh, what fun it is to visit Papillon Bleu. I so enjoyed the story of Alienore. Congratulations to Twiggy. What lucky lady!
Have a great week! ~ Sarah