Friday, 2 July 2010

MISS DIOR ( my little Dior doll)

I think I have told you that, I have started a brand new life in a great company.

What I haven't told you, is that I have become a blogger for this same company! YES! isn't it incredible? Little did I know over a year ago,when I started blogging that it would take such an immense place in my life . I have made wonderful friends through blogging and now I can express freely my little dreams all day long and share my passion for toys and ...TOYS! hem...hem..I meant fashion. If you stop here you will certainely recognise the Papillon Bleu style here and there.

Of course, blogging is just a part of all the exciting tasks I have to achieve in the lovely shop where I am working . I work under the good care of a delightful little train going round and round over my head all day long. Lucky, lucky me! Take a look right here.
The VERY dangerous part is that I tend to fall in love with too many things there at the this adorable doll. A Dior doll. Not so difficult to find a name. She became Miss Dior! The most elegant doll of the dolls' house.
Apart from Aliénore of course.

Here she has discovered one of the delightful pleasures of the house: Tea.

Here she is visiting our garden.

Making new friends.

Do you think she will be happy?

On the left is the photo I took when I wrote about the doll for the Childrensalon blog and on the right is the photo I took of Aliénore for her birthday party

( please note that I have received no compensation for writing this as my blog is absolutely add free)


miniacollection said...

Miss Dior va vite découvrir les plaisrs de vivre chez toi. Elle est très belle, je comprends pourquoi elle est arrivée chez toi. Je suis très heureuse que tu travailles pour eux. Un nouvel aspect de ta vie, il faut dire que la vie es toujours pleine de surprises.
Gros bisous

lorencel said...

c'est vrai qu'elle est craquante Miss Dior!

artycho said...

Blogging for a living! Wow veinarde! merci pour ton comm je vois que tu connais la dependance maladive aux tissus! Un plaisir de lire ce billet , belle journee xx Oh oui aussi Miss Dior est tres belle je comprends les tentations dans le magasin!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I think Dior is charming, Patricia! And I think she will be very happy in your doll's house! I'm proud of you for your new job!

I also wanted to pop in and say I appreciate your comments. LOL! I'm not sure if you saw it or not, but one of my ancestor's first cousins who was orphaned during the American Revolution was adopted by the Marquis de Lafayette and taken to France with him. He returned shortly before the French Revolution, but I have a great deal of respect for what the French did to help forge our nation.

One of the other cousins was named for and lived with Mr. Elias Boudinot who was of French descent and was the first president of the Continental Congress (in essence, our first president once we were at war with England). I also have French ancestors and so does Mr. Magpie. His were some of the first to bring colonists to the Louisiana Territory. My great grandmother was educated by the Sacred Heart nuns in Louisiana, and they were French, also. So I give France its just desserts in the forming of America and my family! :-)



harem6 said...

Yes,of course.We'd be truly honored!

Liberty Biberty said...

Miss Dior is just gorgeous! Love her little dress.

Pan said...

Miss Dior is so elegant! The shop looks wonderful. What a great job, I think they are very lucky to have someone as creative as you are.

Sans! said...

Patricia, I AM in love with Miss Dior! Mercedes once gave me a pair of Dior shoes which will be perfect for her is she's 1:12 :). What a dream job to work in a specialty toy shop. Make toys for them and blog too! I WANT YOUR JOB!

But I can't make videos like you do. :) Went over to the Children's salon blog and saw the videos on food and mouse matchbox. They make me laugh! Yours? What gems they are!

Tiggy said...

Oh Wow!!! Wonderful News! Congratulations!!! Tiggy is doing Handstands and Cartwheelies for Ya! The new blog looks Wonderful! They are so lucky to have YOU!!! Brilliant! EnJOY!!! - LuV, Tiggs and me!

Mademoiselle G said...

Oh Miss Dior, what a pretty and elegant girl! Elle est adorable ^^ Et j'aime beaucoup ton blog, j'y repasserai!

Zlatica said...

Little Miss has a gorgeous dress! Congratulations to you blog job! The company you work for is very close to your aestethics... isn´t it?

Are you curious about me? said...

Tres elegant Mme Dior.

She is wonderful Patricia.

FairiesNest said...

You've been added for the Wonderland blog event. Don't forget to post the badge and link to the event on your blog. Can't wait to see your doll!

apinkdreamer said...

she is wonderful!!!

Abi said...

OMG, I am completely and utterly jealous! there are no gorgeous shops like that where I live... I sometimes wish I lived back in the UK!

My art doll giveaway and fundraising event for our local animal shelter is going on if you haven't already popped by...I've got a tad confused with names and blogs and allsorts!!


Ann said...

Miss Dior is so beautiful and elegant - she has found her perfect home in the Blue Butterfly garden.

Anonymous said...

Hey there my far away friend...she is lovely Miss Dior! Working in wonderful places can be a hard thing when you want to buy so many beautiful things! Blessings my dear...Eden

Kim said...

I simply adore Miss Dior! How beautiful she is- I think I would have had to bring her home to live with me too!! My heart fills with joy to read this post- I can tell how much you love this job and that makes me so happy sweet Patricia! I echo Pan- the shop is very lucky to have a sweet, creative soul like you working with them ♥

Lindsay-ann said...

I am so happy to hear you are writing this new blog for the salon. It looks great. The dior doll is adorable. She looks the perfect friend for Alienore.

dale said...

Miss Dior is very sweet. I think she'll be perfectly at home with you. :)

Congratulations on the new job. :)