Saturday, 18 February 2012

Especially for you

So sorry I haven't been more around lately BUT, as you are soooooooooooo patient with me I am sharing with you this delightful treat for the eyes.

Yes, a real treat for DaYdReAmeRs like you.

Hope you are all well.
I am starting to have abit of time so will be in touch with you very soon.

You can find The little Theatre of Dolls


Blog :

Facebook :

Or Their Website

which I am going to add to my list of Wonderlands


alexandra said...

c'est une idée vraiment extra!!bon j'ai pas tout compris mais on a adoré regarder avec mon boubou et on retrouve bien l'esprit anglais je trouve ,vraiment super!

Kim said...

Oooo, I had just discovered the Story Machine yesterday, myself! A couple of very clever ladies, I'd say. Love the handcrank scenery/text scroll.

I also love the picture of them where the theatre is their DRESS---have you seen it?

Great share, Patricia : ) I hope you're having lots of fun making dolls or otherwise!


Anonymous said...

oh my...i have not visited is such a long are you my dear friend...and your are they...thinking of you and wishing you and them lots of loveliness...xoxo

Anonymous said...
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Lize said...

I need that mezzzmerizing scent too!

Athena said...

Oh, that's so wonderful!

Daryle and Katie... kindred spirits said...

Thank you for the post and sharing the blog... what a wonderful place to visit! Daryle

Rinni's Playground said...

Oh my gosh! I haven't been to a puppet show since I was a little girl! They sure didn't have puppets like this though, these are AMAZING!!

Are you curious about me? said...

This is so amazing.. Thank you for the link... So lovely..