Thursday, 8 March 2012

Pullip and Olivia(s) + YOUR doll collections

Will I ever grow up inside???? I actually really want to grow up inside?

Well, of course, when it comes to paying the rent, taxes and bills,
the adult me knows exactly how to deal with things but, there is another part that is saying " leave me alone!!!! I just want to dream!"

Are you like this sometimes?
Anyway, I have had crushes lately:
Olivia the pig with biiiiiiiiiiiiig dreams.

Just thought I could identify with her.

She made her big entrance in the house today and I was overjoyed when I discovered her little pink face

She's very quickly felt at home.

Moreover, she's been welcomed by Olivia I, her elder sister who arrived last week.

No boredom at home, it is new plans about this, new plans about that.

Things have got to change and both Olivias are leading the way with their great expectations.
Those dolls are Madame Alexander dolls. OK, no OOAK here but ... just couldn't resist!

Another doll has also found a place in the house. It is a Pullip doll!
Have you ever heard of those ball jointed dolls that just make y
our heart melt

I am discovering that people do customise them and the result can be absolutely breath taking like in the work of Julien Martinez who customises Blythe dolls for example.

The doll I chose to purchase is called Bloody Red Hood
ok, doesn't sound super friendly like this but...she's got something red Just like Olivia I and Olivia II !!!

I have always been intrigued by the story of The Little Riding Hood. And have a good selection of books related to the topic.
I imagine this is why this doll "spoke" to me straight away.
Am not sure I want to fall in the BJD mania which is another very time consuming ( and expensive) hobby according to what I know.

I am also a OOAK art doll collector and have recently "adopted "2 pieces.
Will have to share with you my collection.

If you too have a collection that you would like to share, I am more than happy to prepare a post about OUR doll collection. Shall we?
Just feel free to contact me with photos with your name and the name of the doll artists that feature on the it.
Oh yay!!! Let's do this!!!

You know? Just as we did with our studio exhibition here ( also kept in my sidebar if you've noticed).

In the meantime, I REALLY have to finish my pieces (both reserved now).

See you soon!


winterludes said...

wow, même la fusée de tintin! tu crois vraiment que je deviens grande au moment de payer mes factures? pff, ce serait trop beau (pour les autres). en tous cas, i love olivia(s)!!

Anthropomorphica said...

Sounds great Patricia, wish I had more dollies, just two of dear Evelyn's.

Amelia said...

Oh those are cute. I love dolls. ALL dolls. I have the cutest marie osmond dolls ever! And I think that they are just precious treasures. I love them. Thank you so much for sharing all this.

Deirdra Doan said...

Too Olivia too..the Christmas book is darling..
So nice to see you having fun! I love your creativity..
Spring Blessings,

dale's dreams said...

Love the pigs! They are so adorable. :)

But, the Pullip, pulls at my heart the most. That was also one of my favorite stories as a child. :)

Kim said...

Little Red Riding Hood is also one of my very favorite tales, and one of my current projects is about that!

Congratulations on your dolls being reserved Patricia! I have so many new projects and experiments going, I wonder if I'll ever finish one : )

My doll collection-----I have been out of solid work for several months, and can't afford to collect right now. But I do have my mother's collection of Mary Hoyer and other types of dolls that I LOVED playing with as a kid---and all the clothes my grandmother made for them-----So fun! And of course, I have my own handmade dolls : )

Lots of love!

cute amalia said...

oh my niece is really beautiful (she made ​​me the eye but I have too little time to take care of both of mine....)
your Olivia are irresistible, so cute ... and I'm still admiring (and envious) of your scenery dollhouse ....

yoborobo said...

Those are so cute. And I love your new doll with the big eyes. :) I think we should always have dolls around us that we love..for inspiration, and because they are little objects of art that delight. xox Pam

miniacollection said...

Je suis contente de pouvoir lire un nouveau post. Et quel post... Tu nous montres des superbes ajouts à ta collection,j'adore surtout les cochons.
Quelle bonne idée de nous demander de partager notre collection, il faudra que je fasse des photos pour te les envoyer.
Non, tu n'es pas la seule à garder une âme d'enfant, ce que tu décris de toi est exactement ce que je dirai de moi.
Gros bisous

Jules said...

Wonderful - Olivia is a dream! I always enjoy your beautiful and entertaining posts!x

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

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