Saturday, 24 March 2012

Finished at last! and my camera is almost "dead"

My oh my...things have been soooooooooooooooo busy lately that it has taken me months to finish 2 dolls.
Yes...2! Anyway, here are some ( absolutely not good at all) photos.

Meanwhile, my camera is slowly saying "goodbye" .
Pics are getting not so good. Big sigh...

Time for a new one? I know it is silly but I really am attached to this little pink camera that I have carried with me for so long. It represents more than a camera. It is the first thing I purchased with my first salary of my first long contract job when I arrived in England.
It has accompanied me along my artistic path here on Blogland and it is like a little companion that has witnessed so many moments of my life.
Yep...a camera...
MY little pink camera.
(Just added a photo of the camera folowing the lovely comment of Parlance)

Well, time to move on to new things.
And many changes are on the way my dear friends.
Yes, many more ...

The future will be good.Because this is all I want . A good and happy life.

This is what I wish for you too.

Live, Laugh and Love

CARPE DIEM my dear friends.


dale's dreams said...

Oh, my sweet heart! Your dolls are lovely as ever and I have so enjoyed watching you grow with your dolls. :)

I understand you completetly with the camera. I've been attached to mine for the past four years.

I wish you the very best in life, you deserve it and happiness is so important!

(((Patricia))) I'm with you. :)

alexandra said...

Elles sont magnifiques toutes les deux!!

Jan Conwell said...

Sweet dolls, Patricia. I've gotten a new camera, and it's a love-hate relationship. I love the idea of what it will (eventually) be able to do, but I hate that the learning curve is so steep, and I'm at the bottom looking up.

Nancy Wiley said...

I just LOVE your work--they are so full of character! Tre belle!!


Shashi Nayagam said...

Lovely dolls Patricia. Well all the best for a fruitful and creative year ahead and may it be a very happy one too.

Rinni's Playground said...

They are beautiful! It's a sad day when you bid farewell to a trusty camera friend. :( I've lost, er, misplaced my point and shoot *sob* Thank goodness my Nikon D300 is to big to misplace! Get a Nikon! ;)

isabelle said...

Leurs regards sont toujours aussi impressionnants. Magnifique!!!

Ai-YoyO said...

aww~ it's really nice! i hope i could make my illustration alive into a doll like urs~! but still learning! =) thx for sharing.

miniacollection said...

Super! J'adore la 2ème. Je suis triste pour ton appareil photo qui était si mignon. Je suis contente de te voir avec autant de bonnes vibrations avec beaucoup d'espoir.

parlance said...

How about honoring the little pink camera with a photo of it? The little thing has worked so hard for you that I think it needs its own memorial. Maybe you could take a photo of it in a mirror while it is still with you?

yoborobo said...

Your dolls are always so charming, and an inspiration. I think you should take your pink camera and make her into a doll, or a little robot, that could keep watch on your studio. :)) xox

Vanessa Johanning said...

So cute! You have been busy!! I go through cameras alot... The new features are fantastic !! Have fun !! Xxoo

Rachel said...

It may have taken a while but you've created two wonderful dolls. The first one, I think, is especially beautiful.

Maybe you can get a new camera but keep the old one just in case? Or for times you don't want to use a brand new one?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma chère amie!!!!

Ça fait si longtemps qu'on visite, l'une à l'autre!

THANK YOU MY DEAR for visiting me yesterday! This place is as magical as I remember it and thank you for your uplifting message to me. YOU TOO left a safe job? I just did too. I am fortunate that speaking French allowed me immediately to be signed up as a French speaking substitute teacher in September in our school district. I am leaving behind all the paper work and administrative duties for 52 children. Teaching was a wonderful job for me, but it has gotten to be too much, so I am going to stretch myself and my imagination by creating my art AND WRITING. Risky, I know. But YOU KNOW the risks as well, the disappointments and joys. Somehow I think however, that the joy outweighs the pain in the END. I do realize as well that when the bills need to get paid, then doubts come in!!! We shall see. For now however, let us rejoice and sing OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!

Bises, Anita

A Magical Whimsy said...

Your dolls are soooo precious!!! I always love coming to your blog to see your new 'pretties'!
Have a fabulous week!
Teresa in California
and in Cloth and Clay doll ning

Katie said...

What wonderful dolls! Love them!

Evelyn Santiago said...

The dolls are beautiful!!! oh I'm so attached to my camera, I don't know what I'd do without it. It's 5yrs old and I'm still in love with it. I love your pink!
Much love and happiness to you my dear friend.