Sunday, 26 July 2009

My first 1/12 scale cakes!

Hello everyone! yesterday I didn't have a good start of the day as I had to stay in bed all morning. Then the postman arrived and delivered 5 lovely glass cake stands that I had ordered online . I started feeling a little better and was extremely happy as I had been searching for glass cake stand for a while.

Then later on ,all I had in mind was to find a tea set and plates and cuttlery to complete my collection before I started making any 1/12 scale cake. So, I went to this lovely dollshouse shop at Lingfield.

It is called Lingfield Rocking Horses.

There I exactly found what I was looking for .
I now have 3 different sizes of tea sets!

These are the lovely items I found at the shop.

I couldn't resist taking a picture with my favourite china tea cup!

And guess what?

The shop owner remembered me when he saw me and said he had something special for me .
So, he came back with another little cake stand and a very nice glass jar that was in a very old dolls house.He gave them to me.I couldn't believe it!
Then he offered me an extra tea set ( there was a little flaw in this one you see...).
It was like Christmas!
I thought I had to mention so much kindness as it is fairly rare nowadays.
Once back home, I was completely healed ( contentment) and started making my first dolls house cakes.
Have a look.

Now I cannot wait to make more!


Kim said...

What a great day! I love your cakes- they look fantastic! I love the little blue tea set too. I think the last cake with the pink frosting and the strawberry slices on top is my favorite- very nice!!

parlance said...

Oh, lovely cakes. What a kind man. I'm going to have a look to see whether he has a website.

parlance said...

Oh, I see the Lingfield rocking Horse shop does not have a website.

I had a lovely two days this weekend, because it was the annual show of my miniatures society here in Melbourne. The project for our annual weekend next year will be a quarter-scale art deco house based on a real art deco house here in Melbourne.

Here's the link to our society's photo page, VAME. But there won't be photos from today yet, of course.