Thursday, 9 July 2009

New cake stands

I was walking in the lovely streets of Sevenoaks today when I saw a lovely cake stand in a window. It is made of glass and it is quite a small one ( 16cm/6.5 inches). I fell in love with it instantly! Then I went to a dolls house shop in Lingfield and had a lovely chat with the owner.I found the tiny little stand that you can see. It is actually a cheese stand but all I could think of was my mini cakes (even though this is a 1/12 size one). I found something to put in it before I can make the smallest cake I've ever made!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well it all looks delicious, thank you for mentioning our dolls house shop in Lingfield.
I look forward to seeing your ideas at 1/12 scale.
Iam sure there is a market for your mini cakes, we wish you every success.
Best wishes,
Roger @ Lingfield Rocking Horses.Dolls House Shop.