Wednesday, 22 July 2009

So, let me introduce you to the object of my "observations" at the moment. It is called a Religieuse. In French, religieuse means nun. This specific one is a speciality by Ladurée which is a rose flavoured religieuse. The proportions are quite different from a traditional religieuse,so is the shape. As you will see I hadn't paid serious attention when I started making my first miniature of this cake.

These first two are originals! ( of course)
These are my replicas. On the left, you can see that I had the traditional shape in mind and was a bit in a hurry to make my was I with the second two... Then I finally took time to pay more attention and not work in a hurry. The result is so much more convincing!

I am even starting to work on a smaller scale and not far to reach 1/12 scale.
The little silver ball on top of the cake is still a bit too big though.

I'm getting there!


Kim said...

Beautiful! I love them!

tarapiglet said...

I love your miniatures. The cakes look delicious.

And Thank You for the super nice comment!!!

Oh I hope I do visit the UK some day. Is where you are near Ashdown forest? It's incredible that you have tea at that place. I've seen a picture of the Pooh Corner store front.

Well off to play on the internet.


Jessica said...

Oh la la.....Si un jour tu en fais grandeur nature, n'hésites pas à m'appeler, je mettrais ma plus belle robe pour me la jouer "duchesse"!!!
C'est vraiment magnifique, tu as des doigts de fées!

jojo-caramel said...

Magnifiques !!! C'est un plaisir de découvrir votre magnifique site ! Les poupées et les gâteaux sont d'une grande délicatesse ! J'observe aussi les religieuses à la violette de chez Ladurée avec la plus grande attention :))) Elles sont si délicieuses...