Wednesday, 22 July 2009

So, let me introduce you to the object of my "observations" at the moment. It is called a Religieuse. In French, religieuse means nun. This specific one is a speciality by Ladurée which is a rose flavoured religieuse. The proportions are quite different from a traditional religieuse,so is the shape. As you will see I hadn't paid serious attention when I started making my first miniature of this cake.

These first two are originals! ( of course)
These are my replicas. On the left, you can see that I had the traditional shape in mind and was a bit in a hurry to make my was I with the second two... Then I finally took time to pay more attention and not work in a hurry. The result is so much more convincing!

I am even starting to work on a smaller scale and not far to reach 1/12 scale.
The little silver ball on top of the cake is still a bit too big though.

I'm getting there!


Kim said...

Beautiful! I love them!

tarapiglet said...

I love your miniatures. The cakes look delicious.

And Thank You for the super nice comment!!!

Oh I hope I do visit the UK some day. Is where you are near Ashdown forest? It's incredible that you have tea at that place. I've seen a picture of the Pooh Corner store front.

Well off to play on the internet.


Jessica said...

Oh la la.....Si un jour tu en fais grandeur nature, n'hésites pas à m'appeler, je mettrais ma plus belle robe pour me la jouer "duchesse"!!!
C'est vraiment magnifique, tu as des doigts de fées!

Anonymous said...

Magnifiques !!! C'est un plaisir de découvrir votre magnifique site ! Les poupées et les gâteaux sont d'une grande délicatesse ! J'observe aussi les religieuses à la violette de chez Ladurée avec la plus grande attention :))) Elles sont si délicieuses...