Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Surprise to you 70th follower!!!!

Hello everyone! Look!!! there are 70 followers today! and... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa! she has won a Papillon Bleu gift! I don't know if you remember ,sometimes there is a little surprise:
there was the 20th follower who received a doll, the 50th follower received a DVD about one of her favourite children's author and illustrator Anthony Browne ( my Moochoo produced this film).

Congratulations to you JOJO-Caramel!

Félicitations Jojo Caramel, tu as gagné 1 cadeau Papillon Bleu pour être la 70 è à s'inscrire sur ce blog! La 20è avait reçu une poupée Papillon Bleu, la 50è avait reçu un film réalisé par mon Moochoo sur Anthony Browne et toi...

So what is her gift? Quel est le cadeau?

How about a miniature of your favourite cake?
Que penses tu d'une miniature de ton gâteau préféré?

Click on the picture to discover her universe! Cliquez sur la photo pour découvrir son univers!

And retadaaaaaaaaaa! here is my contribution for Tuesday Tea at the PLUMED PEN
(hope I'm not too late!)
I've presented some of the dolls' favourite cakes, all made of FIMO of course!
(am in a cake mood today...)


Anonymous said...

Naaaaann ! C'est adorable !!!! Je suis bien contente d'être la 70ème alors :))) Thank you so very much !!!! Ben, je suis toute émotionnée :) Quelle semaine !
Vielen vielen danke :))) Hé hé hé j'adoOore les religieuses :) Tes miniatures sont si divines !!! (comme celle que tu présente en photo plus haut :) Je la connais aussi, elle est fabuleuse :)))

Gros bisous et belle fin de journée :)

Susie Jefferson said...

Hot damn! I just missed out on this! If JoJo Caramel doesn't want this wonderful award, I'll glady accept it, lol. Congratulations on 71 (!!!) followers, and here's to many more. Thanks for adding me to your list.

I'll be featuring this adorable little film on my Pink Saturday post this week. It SHOULD win an Oscar.

silk purse said...

My I've missed you, more than words can say! You are often on my mind, I think of you fondly often!..,(I don't know what may have happened with the blog comments that did not show up my dear and I also do not have comment moderation either; never have)!.., Blogger is sometimes a frustrating "mystery", at times , yet mostly a joy!..,

Congratulations on your 70th blog follower (and counting)!.., How well I remember my 20th follower gift!~ What delight!

I always knew from the moment I discovered your delightful blog that you had "star quality" and would do well my dearest Papillon Bleu!..,

The blog looks absolutely dreamy and "oh so magical" and lovely by the way!~ (I even exclaimed with delight and called my husband to see what you'd done lately with your blog for the season.~ He loves it also, and has been intrigued with you since you sent the CD and the dolly)!

Really it's funny how you never really know the impact you make in the world, "one little ripple effect in the water at a time", so to speak!..,

Congratulations and joyeux noel!

Cheers, hugs and blessings from Silken purse @ The plumed Pen

Kim said...

Congrats on 71 followers!!!!

Your blog is wonderful and you are wonderful too :)

miniacollection said...

Felicitations pour ton 70ème membre.
Les gâteaux sont superbes, j'adore la religieuse.
Au fait merci pour tes commentaires.

sunshine said...

Hey! What about your 74th??? :P
I kid, I kid!


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

75th follower and fellow tea guest at Wanda's.
Nice to meet you. I'll be sure to stop by from time to time.
You take care,

AminaShk said...

I love these cakes. Congratulatuons Jojo-caramel

Lorelei said...

Appetissants tous ces petits gateaux!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas and New year to you and your wonderful blog which I enjoy visiting and relate to in my world of imagination. xx always makes me smile.

Papillon Bleu said...

Don't think I am a loony...just trying my avatar...