Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A teaser of the Future

Look at this!
Can you see it too?

Yep! Yep!Each time I see 2011, all I see is the word doll!!!
Has my doll-making passion turned into an obsession?

is this A sigN?
Oh my... I hope the next year is going to bring us all wonderful surprises!
More blog friends, more extraordinary creative universes to discover.
I love Blogland!!!!

I wanted to write a kind of assessment of 2010 but though it could be way too boring and bitter so, I just want to focus on the unknown ( even though it is something rather tricky to do), the future.
Speaking of the future,the video for the birhday party is still in progress but looking good so far!


I cannot wait to show it to you.

Here, let's have some toffee apple to help us be patient

Also, some of you might already know that next year's OWOH edition will be the 5th but also the last.

Please do join in the fun! click on the image below to see all the details of the event.

This time , my giveaway will be a...

Oh, I let you finish the sentence, it is too easy!

OoooOOooh before I forget! let me show you something really adorable I received on Christmas Eve! This cute Jap'mini is so cute and tiny!!! I didn't take time to take a proper photo but you can see who has done this adorable dolly by clicking on the pic below!

(Merciiiiiiiiiii Gabrielle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Désolée,

je n'ai pas pris le temps de faire une photo

alors je t'ai piqué la tienne! hu!hu!hu!)

Bye for now!

PS: I almost forgot to tell you that some dolls are on Sale in my shop! YAY!!!!


Abi said...

Yes, I thnk you have gone quite mad! just kidding. Now all I will see is DOLL instead of 2011!!
I can't figure out this stupid Photoshop software, so have given up on my photo participation for your party... sorry - but, I will be an avid snd excited onlooker!!

miniacollection said...

Je souhaite aussi que 2011 soit pleine de poupées et d'histoires avec des poupées.
Ta nouvelle venue chez toi a l'air très mignonne, j'adore sa tête. J'espère que tu nous montreras d'autres photos.

Sans! said...

You are too clever! Only you could see doll in 2011 !! :):)

Zlatica said...

Have a beautiful upcoming "doll" year, Patricia.

Joane said...

Dear Patricia,
I'm so sorry to respond so late in regards to your party! I've just returned from out of town and did not have internet access and unfortunately, work overwhelmed me and I was not able to create anything (work is a terrible nuisance to creativity). I have the link for your party still on my page and will keep it there to blog about. I apologize if I've caused any inconvenience to you. I look forward to seeing your birthday creation and many, many happy returns on your special day!

Much Joy,

Lize said...

Just popped (pop/puppen/poupee/doll) in, to tell you to doll yourself up.....

There is a party on the world over.... TONIGHT... to celebrate the YEAR OF THE DOLL...As henceforth d011 will be known as!

A very happy d011 to you! *-*

parlance said...

Happy New Year and welcome to the Year of the D 0 1 1

Mooghiscath said...

Comme c'est amusant ! moi aussi je vois "D011"
meilleurs voeux ! que cette année soit riche en tout !

Anonymous said...

It's a sign!!! I say :-) How clever!!!
I may not be in your video :( i know i'm late, i haven't sent any pictures yet... BUT I don't forget your marvellous Party :-D On Monday, the 3rd, I'll celebrate the birhtday of a fairy. It will be on line :-)
I wish you the most creative year!!!!
A wonderfull years for dolls and friends of dolls!!!
Une année légère et créative :-)
Gros bisous et belle soirée !

Edward said...

Baune Anez à tous !!!
Jeu vous fée de grau Bizoux


Flo said...

Je te souhaite une belle année 2011... Qu'elle soit aussi merveilleuse et colorée que ton petit "monde"...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

PAPILLON BLEU, ma belle! MERCI POUR TES VOEUX D'UNE ANNÉE MERVIELLEUSE! ET TU SAIS, MOI, je suis en train de créer des poupées aussi! J'utilise une pâte à modeler, AIR DRY CLAY pour confectionner des trucs à la Harem6! C'est juste pour m'amuser!

J'espère qu'on va se rencontrer d'avantage cette anné vais m'enscrire chez toi!


artycho said...

Très belle année beau papillon! En douceur, bonheur, créativité

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

I see the word doll too! Love it!

Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with many dollies!

mangocheeks said...

Happy New Year to you Patricia.
Now I am seeing 'Doll' in 2011

Like you I was tempted to write a review of my 2010 but the year has been more down then up for me :( So like you am trying to focus on the unknown, (even though it is something rather tricky to do), the future. It is going to be a year of change.

Thank you as always for your warmth and kindness, your blogger friend x