Monday, 3 January 2011

LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!! this cake for me?

Thank you ever so much Chloe!

(remember the sweet little story?
You can see the video here)

Candy floss, Barbapapa, Cotton Candy

so many words for this delicate sugary pink texture that melts in your mouth...

Biiiiiig sigh...

OK... NOW, let's talk about our ride!Are you ready to visit our blog fair?
Let me throw a bit of special glitter on you

( not to say magic dust...shhhhh...)













Take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath.

Let yourself go and count until 3.

Focus on the word "MUSIC" and you will be transported to our magic fair.

Here we go!!!!

Oh I loved making and watching this!

Did you?

You have made it soooooooooooo special!

And if you didn't have time to prepare something, well all that matters is that you are here now!

Here are the wonderful Party Guests who have contributed to this post. Go visit them, each blog is worth a bite in a huge lollie!

Some of you have prepared lovely posts for the occasion too! Thank you ever so much!!!!

Just visit them so the party can last even longer!!!

( has done even more for the occasion!)

(if you wish to blog about Fairs, just let me know and I will add your link here)
CARPE DIEM my dear blog friends.

Time for me to go and celebrate with my family!

WEEPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this is my last birthday starting with a 3!


apinkdreamer said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my lovely blogfriend,queen of the dolls!!!!
may this year be the most wonderful of all!
i have just posted on my blog about the fantastic video!!!

Mooghiscath said...

HOooooo , mais je suis la première à laisser un commentaire sur ce SHOW !!
merci , merci de me donner le sourire aujourd'hui en regardant ce petit reportage pleins de charme enfantin .Le manège à chevaux , la barbe à papa , les poupées tout mon enfance
j'en veux encore !

winterludes said...

c'est absolument merveilleux. happy last birthday with a 3. plein de bisous.

The Hermits' Garden said...

Forgive me...but I'm confused. Hope you had a great party, though. :~)

jasmoon-butterfly said...

Wonderful, Happy birthday Patricia oxo
Posting my contribution on blog in just a while xxx
Love & light
Trace :0)

Dawn in the Forest said...

Bravo! Bravo! This was a delightful video. I think I will watch it again:)

Sans! said...

oooooooooooooooooooH My goodness, {atricia, this is such an awesome production! You are such a whizz! :):)

Love em all . Happy BIRTHDAY ! :) And a Happy Doll Year!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Patricia- I hope it is a wonderful day!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You Who!
I saw it!
I loved it!
Ever so lovely and beautiful
how do you do it!
Thank you for the invite!
I promise to not be so late
next time! Happy, Happy, Happy
Birthday Wishes...pretty, pretty
lady...xoxo Eden and Miss Ray

Liberty Biberty said...

Happy birthday dear Patricia!
Beautiful video, Liberty was thrilled to see Alienore dancing!
Happy New Year!!

miniacollection said...

Joyeux Anniversaire Patricia!
C'est merveilleux ce que tu as fait avec tout ce que tu as reçu, un très joli film qui fait rêver. Bravo! et quel beau souvenir pour toi...
J'étais vraiment contente d'y participer, quand Nina et Lucie vont voir le film elles vont demander à aller dans d'autres fêtes foraines... Moi et elles t'embrassont bine fort.

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Happy Birthday my sweet and dear blog friend!!!
May you have an amazing doll making year and that all of your dreams and birthday wishes come true.
Your video was beautiful as always and Alienore was so adorable. I hope you have a most beautiful and magical Princess day!
Hugs and blessings,

The French Maid said...

Your blog is so fun! I love it!
New follower!
--Lee Ann

rosanna said...

Happy Birthday Patricia!!!!
I came back fom Rome only 30 min ago but I couldn't resist and I switched on the PC; I knew that you'd have weaved your magic.This movie is lovely, thank you for it and best wishes for another 100 birthdays like this. Minihugs, Rosanna

DollMum said...

Happy Birthday Patricia and also Happy New Year. What a lovely video you've made to celebrate your special day. I'm honoured that my little Jenny and Lexie have participated in the fun with Alienore.
Best wishes

Anthropomorphica said...

Happy birthday and a happy new year Patricia!! Hope this is an enchanting year for you.
I loved your video and am looking forward to the rest of the party :)

Flo said...

Joyeux anniversaiiiiiiiiiiire ! C'est magnifique ce que tu as fait... La magie est là !
Bises, Flo

Edward said...

Joyaux Anne-hiver-sert !!!!!!!!

Edward ✿❀

Marcel said...

Joyeux Anniversaire !!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dolls! Beautiful little girl!

Joyeux Anniversaire jeune fille !


Wilma said...

Best wishes - have a beautiful day on your birthday and every day. Thanks for including me in the blog celebration - I feel very honoured. The video is delightful.

Lore said...

Hello ! et Happy new year ! je viens de découvrir ton blog , i find your creations dolls so beautiful ! I love it ! Merci aussi pour cette vidéo, j'adore les poupées (j'en crée moi-même) aussi je suis toujours émerveillée de voir les créations des autres !
Joyeux anniversaire !
I don't speak english, sorry!
My blog :

julietk said...

I tried to leave Birthday Wishes yesterday but my internet connection was cut off :-(
Joyeux Anniversaire Patricia, May the child in you live as long as you do.x

Frosted Petunias said...

I hope you had a magical birthday! The video is so much fun! Enjoy your birthdya week :)


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Just popping over from Evelyn's Wonderland blog to wish you a happy birthday. The doll you made from Evelyn's painting is so lovely - great job! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Theresa

feltoohlala said...

Oh oui, joyeux anniversaire Patricia!!! je n´ ai pas pu te le souhater plus tot mais ai pensé a toi tres fort!!!

Abi said...

Happy Birthday! what a wonderful work of art you produced - I loved watching it!
I hope you had a very special day XXX

Carousel Dreams said...

Ohhhh! I just returned from my little beach holiday, and popped over to join in the fun! What a wonderful little movie! Everyone has done such an amazing job! Love it...darling girl, I hope your birthday was every bit as magical as you! Those photos of you when you were little - so beautiful! My favourite? Sitting on the steps holding kitty - adorable x

Mrs. said...

Chloe and I send you all the best wishes in the world for a wonderful birthday and year to come, Patricia!


Sheila :-)

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