Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Orphans in a tree

Do you like trees? Did you use to climb on top of the biggest branch when you were little?
This was one of my favourite games when I was a little girl!
So many good memories...
After days of rain, the sun has finally decided it was time to put an end to this endless hide and seek game.
So I decided to go out and take some photos of trees. Even in the Winter there is something so noble about them.
The rays of the sun looked like gold covering the bark.
It was magical!

Then the reflection of the sun seemed like little drops of silver shining in the light.The ground had so much to drink that it decided to spit out all that it couldn't swallow.
The field looked more like a swamp! And...
Can you see?
In the branches!!!!
Look!!! It looks like pieces of a photo.

So I rushed back home to find out.
And this is what I found.
(yes..ha!ha! I am wearing a Yeti jumper!)

Big sigh...
another photo...

One of the little girls already appears on a photo previously found.
There are two names at the back:

Solange & Marie...
These are French names!

There is also a date:1940
I wonder how many more photos are out there?
It feels like Mother Nature is trying to tell me a little piece of History...


Kim said...

Oh, I am so curious to know their story, I can hardly wait! Such sweet looking little girls. I have to tell you that I am in love with your desk- I know it's off topic, but....swooooon! It is beautiful!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Now, you have me intrigued. I have got to know more, Patricia!

And I see why we are friends, I loved trees so much as a child and would climb to the highest point.


Sheila :-)

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

I can't wait to see if more photos will turn up and what their stories might be. The little girls look so sweet, I just want to hug them!

Ooooh I loved climbing trees when I was little, but I think I use to get in trouble for doing it.:O)

dale said...

Patricia, I love your stories. :)

Lize said...

Hurry up Patricia!
CHAPTER 2 out soon?


The Hermits' Garden said...

Eeeeewwww...a lake of tree spit! ;~)

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blueberries in the fields said...

climbing trees was one of my favortite pastimes as a child. i love trees in everyway. and your dolls are so adorable. can't wait to read more about solange et marie !
happy winter ^-^

Sans! said...

Love trees and am lucky to be surrounded with them :).

Keep the story alive :)

miniacollection said...

Difficile d'attendre pour en savoir plus!... Quelques informations supplémentaires qui peuvent nous faire imaginer plein de choses...
Tes photos des arbres sont superbes.

Sophia-LaLa said...

Fantastic!! Reading these installments is sooo much fun!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Patricia, my dear, you may have any flavor cupcake you choose! If chocolate is your cupcake lover's delight, then choclate it is... the good rich kind... chocolate topped with chocolate and more chocolate! We aim to please on un-birthdays...


Sheila :-)

MuMu said...

j'adore ton monde !
quelle poésie !

June said...

Je t'envie :)
Et au passage, t'as vraiment de belles photos !


parlance said...

The third photo of the tree is gorgeous. I liked them all, but loved that one best.