Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pyjama Day

He!he! Hellooooooo there!

Yes! this is me...IN BED!

I've had the laziest Sunday ever!!! There was a laptop in the house... giving it back tomorrow though... :-(

So, I have decided to spend an absolute guilt free lazy Sunday in my pjs ! And you know what?
It was HEAVEN!
I have been busy busy like a bee lately.
I have had a busy week,visiting the animals at the rescue centre, doll making , photo taking, giving calls ( boring business stuff)...planning projects,

...OOoh I have even taken some great portraits of a good friend of mine: Angélique.

Isn't she pretty?

I think she is absolutely gorgeous!

I have also started teaching again.
So much pleasure to be back with mini ones again!
But today was an absolute lazy pjs day!

YES! This is me! shameless in my super not sexy outfit but OH Sooooooooooooooooo warm and comfy!

Does it happen to you too?
Well, it is Sunday anyway!
I have visited many blogs with great pleasure and
have let my mind wonder trying to think of what I will do with all the beautiful ribbons sent by my blog friend Sans.

I have a little idea though...

Oh what a wonderful day!
I hope you do take time to relax sometimes.
Please, tell me you do!
CARPE DIEM dear blog friends.


Are you curious about me? said...

I hope that that special someone in bed with you offered to make you lovely hot cups of tea and toast...

I hope that you enjoyed the rest of your Sunday Patricia. x

Insects and Oddities said...

What fun! Nothing beats a Sunday pajama day :)

karina content said...

Hi Patricia HA HA HA HA !!!!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love your PJs, and I think staying in bed is the perfect way to spend a lazy day. Guilt? Who need its! Not you or I!

Can't wait to see what you do with the ribbon. I'm sure it will be something wonderful. And your friend is indeed, lovely, but so are YOU!

Warm hugs across the miles, my friend...


Sheila :-)

Kim said...

We must treat ourselves to a day in bed once in awhile-it's good for our souls! I'm with Shelia- why feel guilty about it- you are a busy woman most days! I also received a lovely package from Sans and have been staring at it waiting for inspiration to strike- I feel like they are so beautiful I must have the perfect project for them! I can't wait to see what you do with yours :) I also think you are a wonderful photographer and your friend is very gorgeous- especially in the picture where she is laughing. That is my favorite one ♥ Have a beautiful week!!!

MuMu said...

ça fait du bien un peu de farniente !
ton amie Angelique est très jolie !

Anonymous said...

what a great post. i would love to spend a day like that. fab photos too. I have it marked in my diary ...pj day lol.
Also i wanted to let you know there is a freebie on my dezinaworld blog today. its just for one day.
have a wonderful week
hugs June

The Hermits' Garden said...

Oh I love PJ Sundays. I believe they are good for our mental health. ;~)

Lise said...

C'est drôle cela ressemble fortement à mon dimanche !! Ca m'arrive aussi très très rarement donc j'ai savouré comme toi ce moment de fainéantise parfaite, pyjama roudoudou, alternant ordi, films, miam miam... :) Aaaah ça me fait rêver rien que d'y repenser !

noodle and lou said...

oh yes! hooray for a day in bed...staying in cozy pj's! the first photo is so cute! have a lovely week:) xox...jenn

Zlatica said...

It looks you spent an amazing day, Patricia.

I hope it gave you the energy for the this week.

It´s great you teach! I didn´t know it about you.

DollMum said...

I'd love some time to relax in bed with a cuppa, a good book and no pressure to get up. Maybe I'll get that in 10 years time when the girls have grown up and the dog has calmed down! I'm glad you enjoyed your blissful lazy Sunday.

Sans! said...

Ooooooooooooh, woman, you are so brave !!! As you may know, I have been doing a lot of lying in bed and like you, sometimes I have my laptop in bed with me. Once when I turned the computer off, I saw my face on the screen and I said to myself, if only my blog friends could see me now..teehee! How liberating it can be if we all should post a pic of ourselves with our hair and guard down in whatever we sleep in! :) I absolutely love the 1st pic. It can be made into a postcard, Patricia :).

Glad you like those ribbons :).

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Patricia, I am laughing because I had a lazy Sunday too! It was a beautiful day and how wonderful that yours was wonderful too! I love the pictures you took of your friend. I hope you will treat yourself to more guilt free Sundays.

BumbleVee said...

ahahha.....I live in pyjamas. I hate to get dressed...I must have about 10 pairs of 'jammies. sometimes I don't even get dressed before Mr. BV gets home.

They are comfy and warmer than clothes in the house ...or so it seems to me anyway...

as a matter of fact... I'm sitting here with my 'jammies.... checking mail and blogs....ahhhhhh perfect.....