Sunday, 23 August 2009


I want to present you the mini cakes I have made today. I wanted to present them in my lovely porcelain plates and my glass stands. As you can see I had a good time displaying everything on my new counter!
Yesterday I went to Ladurée in London for the first time and I had some of those delicious rose macarons that are so famous. It was such a divine experience for my palate that I decided to make tiny little ones.They are so small! The smallest cakes I have done so far!
I have also prepared some biscuits that you can see in the plate on the right.

I love strawberry cakes. Some are replicas of real cakes but most of the time they just come out of my imagination.

In fact, all the cakes that you can see here have been especially made for someone who is very sweet. She spends an awful lot of time writing about every single new follower she has, she is very brave and a very positive lady. She loves her dollhouse .It is for Bernard a little cute bear.But most of all, she speaks straight from the heart which is so rare these days.
Her name is KIM ( I know you are reading this Kim!).
You can click HERE to go to her blog.
Dear Kim,
thank you for all the lovely comments you leave on the blog. It is always so sweet to hear from you. The cakes are still drying but will be sent to you very soon. Hope Bernard will like them.


Kim said...

I love them all- you are getting so very very good at making them smaller and smaller! I am amazed- I have tried to make tiny desserts and find them very hard to do- you are a very gifted mini baker :) I am also so glad that I met you through blogging because I need to say that you are a very sweet, kind and lovely person that I am glad to call friend. Wish we could meet to have some macaroons together in real life! I have also finally figured out the easy way to translate blogs, so I am off to visit your french blog now! I am so excited!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

I have arrived to your blog through Kim's blog and i find your work fabulous!

marlies said...

You are going fast, lots of cakes and cookies, they looking verry yummie! Love that counter too, verry bautiful!
* marlies

Anonymous said...

Olala j'adore également Ladurée, leurs macarons et surtout leurs jolies boîtes et jolis sachets ! Les poupées également, et les jouets anciens...
Vos gâteaux sont magnifiques !!!
PS - Merci pour vos gentils commentaires :)
Have a lovely day :)