Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Léa's marvels.

Hello dolls houses lovers!

I have received today a lovely e-mail from a lady who makes the most exquisit miniatures ever!

She's also published a book that I ordered on Amazon and have received today too!

Both on the same day! how unexpected ! I was so happy!
If you want to see what she does, go on her blog by clicking here.I have already spent an awful lot of time dreaming in front of every single picture. I had to share this with you.Let me know what you think about it!

You can also access her shop online by clicking here.

The shop is called Dentelle et Ribambelles. It is located in Paris.

Have fun!


marlies said...

Great book! Love too go there once.
* marlies

Kim said...

Oh- lucky you! I have seen this book on other blogs before, but amazon US does not sell it. Are there projects to make in the book? Are you going to try some of them? I hope so- I would love to see what you do!!! I am going to go visit her website now- thank you Patricia!! Have a fabulous day!!!