Friday, 21 August 2009

Floor and stand

Here is my first coat of stain!
I am rather pleased with it.
The second coat is drying now.

Here is one of my mini cloth friend.She is happy to present you the counter. It is not finished but I wanted to share these pics with you.

Here, you can see the detail that I have chosen to put on my counter.I can't paint roses so I have printed out these old roses .

Here you can see some of my miniature cakes in their glass cake stands.

I haven't done the top of my counter and still don't know what to choose. There are so many options...


Anonymous said...

it looks very beautiful and amazing
good job :)

Kim said...

The floor looks fabulous! I love it!!! It is looking so dang cute already that I can hardly stand it- I love the counter! The roses are perfect :) Wish I could sit down to have some cake!!!