Friday, 14 August 2009

Work in progress

Hi! Here are the colours I have chosen for my shop. In fact I have decided it will be a tea room so I will need to find a table and some chairs.One day...
I have just started the first layer.Then I will take the pieces apart, sand them then paint the second layer before I put all the parts togeter again. I have also planned to make the wooden floor. If you have any tips, it would be more than welcome!
To be continued!

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Kim said...

I have seen people make their wood floors with "skinny sticks". Do you have something like that there? It is a bit of work because they all have to be glued down and then sanded and then stained, but they look great. I have also seen flooring sold at dollhouse shops that has thin wood already attached to paper so all you need to do is trim it to the room size. Here is a link to a friends blog where she has used the skinny sticks or popsicle sticks

The shop is going to be so cute!!!