Sunday, 8 November 2009

Little lamp

I have transformed a miniature lamp to put in the doll's room.I had to buy the biggest 1/12th scale lamp I could find in the shop otherwise it would have looked tiny on the bedside.

I think it goes nicely with the style of the bedroom.
For a before and after you can click HERE.
My wonderful partner (I always call him Moochoo...)has made a bed for the doll's bedroom but I cannot show it the moment because the paint is still wet and am sewing the duvet.It is funny because I feel as if I were decorating my own bedroom.
Am having great fun!
I love it!


TINK-SONIA said...

I love the change,the lamp is great now.
Miniregards from Spain,Sonia

Liberty Biberty said...

The bedroom is looking great and that lamp is just beautfiul!

DollMum said...

The lamp looks just right. It is funny how much pleasure is available from creating rooms so small, whilst doing the full size version is a real chore sometimes.

miniacollection said...

la lampe est super, tout à fait le style que j'aimerai mettre chez moi. Tu as fait un formidable travail, je la trouve beaucoup mieux une fois transformée.