Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New born doll

Hello! my name is Anaïs! Papillon Bleu just made me.

I am rather tiny as you can see.

I am a close cousin of Aliénore and Rosie but unlike them...

...I have got a NOSE!!!!
Ok it isn't the most beautiful nose in the world, but it is mine!
Papillon Bleu said she will always keep me in the house with Rosie, Aliénore and Panda Prince .
My new friends have warmly welcomed me with a huge lolly!
I feel loved!


Kim said...

Hello Anais!!! So happy to meet you- you are so pretty! I love your nose! And your dress- gorgeous!!!!

miniacollection said...

Bienvenue Anaïs, tu es trop mignonne. J'aime ton nez. Je suis sûre que tu vas vivre de formidables aventures avec Aliénore et Rosie.

Debora said...

welcom into the world Anaïs! I am sure you will like it here, your friends are the kindest I have seen in a long long time :D