Saturday, 28 November 2009


Dear friends,

I received yesterday delightful little cakes and Christmas candies for Aliénore.

The lady's blog is here (click on the link) Créer pour rêver.


my sweet Aliénore has disappeared!!!!

Now it has been 2 long hours since Aliénore has been missing and all the cakes have disappeared too not long after I had taken pictures .

Anaïs had help me prepare the trays with the wonderful sweets.

But everything has mysteriously vanished ...and where is my lovely Aliénore?


miniacollection said...

Aliénore a beaucoup de chance de recevoir autant de beaux gâteaux et bonbons. Est-elle revenue ? Je me demande si elle ne serait pas allée se cacher pour profiter tranquillement toute seule de toutes ces friandises. Tiens moi au courant.

Julie said...

Thesed little candies are sooo darn cute! I love the Christmas theme on your blog sides! : )

Olga Betenеva said...

Wonderful treat! Great company! Oh, how we are happy to visit this tea!
Hugs from Russia!