Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Doll's bedroom

Some of you might wonder what I'm up to at the moment. I am very busy preparing a setting for my Christmas story for the 5th and 12 of december on A Hartfelt Chrismas Blog Party and Christmas Tea for all the Toys.The li,ks are on the right if you want to join in.

I am preparing a bedroom and the challenge is that it is a miniature one but bigger that 1/12th scale. It is more difficult to find what I want for the doll's bedroom so I have to transform, redecorate...

I have left pictures of the work in progress on my French blog (link on the right column).

At the moment, I have finished to transform a little wardrobe I found on a boot sale and I have just finished the whole wooden floor.

Like it?

I think my little panda does.


miniacollection said...

En effet tu es très occupée. J'aime beaucoup ta photo, l'armoire et les détails sur la table. Bon courage pour la suite. J'ai hâte de voir la scène terminée.

Kim said...

So sweet! Very nice job- the floor looks fantastic and the wardrobe is adorable! I have to go look at your other blog now!

Anonymous said...

Oh mon dieu, tu causes english maintenant? Mais faut pas pleurer, tes snifs me fendent le coeur! Ca va sinon dans ton pays lointain? Biz!

silk purse said...

How sweet, I absolutely love that adorable little doll's bedroom!.., I'm still thinking of wonderfull wee ways to incorporate my little french miss, dolly in some of my photo shoots; you just never know when she'll reappear!

Take care my friend!

Cheers and hugs

parlance said...

It's a gorgeous little bedroom. And the photos of the work in progress are great. I'm wondering why you're working in a big scale. Is it because you want to base the bedroom around the wardrobe you bought?

Papillon Bleu said...

Dear Parlance,thank you for your visit here!
I am working on a big scale because it is based on the size of the dolls I make.

parlance said...

What scale are the dolls? It's a funny thing about the internet, but when you look at pictures you make assumptions. Every time I visit your blog I've assumed it is 1:12.