Friday, 11 September 2009


The house on the pictures that I have previously published hasn't been made by TELLE...ooops!
It is her dolls though that you can see inside. In fact, the house she has created is this one( above)!And you know what? I prefer it to the other one.

Les photos de la maison de poupée publiées au post précédent n'a pas été conçue par TELLE...crotte!Ce sont bien ses poupées cela dit que l'on peut voir à l'interieur. En fait, la maison réalisée par Telle est celle ci( ci dessus) ! Et vous savez quoi? je la préfère à l'autre .

Moreover, you can also find her items on this other website:

De plus, vous pouvez également trouver ses articles sur cet autre site:

This is the doll I would like to order!


Kim said...

I like this house better too :) Very cute.

parlance said...

I love your blog for the colour and artistry and I've been following it through Google Reader for the last couple of weeks. But I thought I would try joining up as a "Follower" - even though I'm not sure whether this is any different from Google Reader, lol.

I LOVE the fact that you are writing in French and English! Everyone my age in Australia learned French as a child in school, because it was a compulsory subject. Now, after many, many years, I can practise my French, because I can read your translation.


parlance said...

I think I'm going to add "crotte!" to my vocabulary. It seems to do a better job than "oops!"

Hmm... I just had a quick look around the Net and saw some pictures of crotte - maybe it's a teensy bit stronger than "Oops"?

Interestingly, it has a sharp sound when I say it - not long and gentle like oooops...