Tuesday, 29 September 2009


It is not Thursday Tea for two but TUESDAY tea for two....I could have been so late!(like the white rabbit)
Got there on time!Phew!


Anonymous said...

Reste-il un petit morceau ? même un tout petit :) Ils sont très très beaux et je n'y ai jamais goûté :)

Kim said...

oh those cakes- they look sooo delicious! What kind of tea is being served? I like spicy tea for me please :)

happy tea for two tuesday Patricia!!! Glad you are not late ♥

Papillon Bleu said...

Dear Kim, the tea that is served is called Thé Mélange Ladurée.It is a blach china tea perfumed with rose, spices, caramel,citrus fruits and orange.A wonder!

Jojo Caramel, non, il ne reste pas UNE SEULE miette de ces divins Ispahan!Na!

I never think of answering here...