Wednesday, 23 September 2009

What a suprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today a very unexpected parcel arrived at home. It was from my friend KiM who lives in Minnesota!

She had decided to make me a surprise!

Rosy and Aliénore couldn't wait to open the box.
"Is it for me?" asked Aliénore."No! it is for us!"repied Rosy."We've got to share!"But deep inside I knew they were both wrong.

Look what we discovered!
A lovely pink board with one of my favourite cake and the blog's name on it!

Also a handmade miniature tea pot and an exquisite tea cosy with a Papillon Bleu .

There was also an extra box with this note inside.

So I opened and discovered all these wonderful treasures!!!!

Glass jars and lovely tiny little trays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn' believe my eyes! Nore could I wait to display everything in my tea shop!
Kim, I thank YOU for being such a wonderful friend, from the bottom of my heart!


marlies said...

WOW! Wonderful gift, are you still playing?
* marlies

Kim said...

I am so very glad that you liked everything- when you mentioned that you would like some jars for your tea shop I knew that was what I would like to gift you with for your kindness towards me. I wanted to make things to go with it because I think handmade equals "from the heart" which is how I feel about you- your world of dolls and pastries makes my heart sing! You are very welcome- I am so glad that we have met through the blogging world :)

DollMum said...

The jars really do look good on the shelves and the sign, teapot and teacosy are great - what a lovely thing to do.

verolacrado said...

Ben dis donc t'es bien gâtée !!!!
Le tea pot et le tea cosy, "c'est trop chou !!" dixit Princesse parfaite (Agathe)
Et les petits pots en verre, je craque...
joue bien et partage avec tes poupées !!