Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Where are the followers?

Today, all my followers are invisible on my screen...
Is it only on my screen or is the same thing happening to you too?
Is it just my computer playing a trick on me?

I've visited several other blogs and...no followers...
Hope it is just a temporary thing. I like to see you there, whether you are reading or not.
Usually,I've got all those little pictures that I like to click on and sometimes, I do keep an eye on your universe too!

Sometimes I choose to follow you and sometimes I follow who you follow or even who is following you!
Isn't it how most of us have met?

But today, where are you?


Liberty Biberty said...

Do not worry, it is just another one of those odd things about blogger, just when you least expect it your followers will return!

TINK-SONIA said...

It hapens the same to me,I think is a funny trick.I love your blog and your style.Minikisses from Spain.Sonia

Kim said...

It happens to me too. Sometimes when I refresh the page they reappear- sometimes they do not reappear till the next day. Does make a person sad to see them disappear though- like you have lost your friends!

silk purse said...

Well I'm so happy my darling to tell you that I have found the anwswer to yours and my, missing "followers" dilema!.., Just unplug, then re-plug in, your modem and the followers will reappear, when you break the link of the hackers virus known as; "you've been crossed"..,

Apparently you cannot delete this attachment any other way!.., Please let others know this technique to restore their followers as well!..,..,

Thanks for the note and the promise of a "twentieth follower" parcel; I can hardly wait!..,

Meantime, I am going out for dinner with my husband & he is waiting for "moi"..,

Cheers & merci from Silken Purse~

* P.S.~ Is the banner new? I love it!..,

parlance said...

Papillon, the followers on my word blog have disappeared.

Also, I haven't been able to upload photos for the last few days.

I hope Blogger is ok.

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Hi Patricia,
I was going to answer your question in the Izzy doll group but was a bit confused on how the posts were, first buy a pattern or simply draw one to your liking on muslin (Dixie has one posted in the group), buy some paper clay, Gesso, batting, oil or acrylic paint. This is a great start. I am always excited when someone starts a Izzy doll for the first time. I see that you make dolls so its just like your dollies only find a reference pic that you like to guide you. I am so excited for you!!!!!
Love your dolls, by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am happy you are in The Izannah group!!!
Many Hugs,

Sans said...

A common problem but few knew how to solve this, so thank you Silk Purse :). This must be a real case of one commenting on a follower's comment on a blog one follow..LOL! yes, the virtual universe is one you want to keep an eye out for!

Love your blog.