Saturday, 19 September 2009

Waiting for Prince Charming...

I found him on a lovely blog.
I purchased it on Etsy and now I am waiting for Prince Charming to come into our dolly life!
Isn't he cute?

I have also had fun preparing a short video today. Feel free to have a look at it! I have decided to dedicate it to a lady called DoLL Mum. She loves her dolls so much and I truly don't blame her as they are all so lovely!

It is a bit small ...but let me know if you can watch it on full screen.It is much better!

I'll put it on my Youtube to make it easier if you wish.


DollMum said...

Your video of dolls tea parties is lovely and thank you for the unexpected dedication in your message. I couldn't make the video work on full screen, only on the little screen but small is beautiful!

DollMum said...

... and I meant to say Prince Charming will be a great addition to your collection.

verolacrado said...

no full screen, but doesn't matter !!

Kim said...

Beautiful video! Prince Charming is so cute! Lucky Prince with all those ladies waiting for him to arrive!

tako aka evangelione said...

Hi Patricia,

I been meaning to leave a message here but i was away since the day panda prince is on his way to you, and he is sailing with his little paper boat to London, I'm sure he will feel at home with all the ladies doll there ^^

Have a beautiful day everyday!