Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My universe

I have found today a lovely rocking horse for Aliénore and Rosy's room.Had to show you.

Very recently I had to write about myself and my Papillon Bleu universe .This is what I chose to write:

I am a dreamer and dreams have no scale.
So, most of the time, my handmade dolls pay a visit to my mini tea room and I mix everything: mini cakes, 1/12th and other sizes, dolls, teddies., tin toys...anything that sends me back to childhood.
This is all what my universe is about: innocence, fun and dreams.

Well...this is how I see my little world from the inside...but YOU? how do you see it from the outside?


parlance said...

Is the rocking horse one-twelfth scale? In y dollshouse I don't worry about mixing scales. For instance, if a friend or one of my nephews gives me a gift, I just put it into the house even if it is larger of smaller than other things.

Kim said...

I think that describes your world wonderfully! I love that you mix it all together- I see your universe as magic and I wish I could join their party ♥ I love the rocking horse! Did all the dollies take turns trying it out?