Monday, 14 September 2009

The gift

I don't know if you remember but, I decided some time ago, that I was going to send a little something to my 20th follower. It is the lady who did the lovely picture I've shown you one day.

She is Canadian and has the most beautifull B&B ever! Take a look at one of the bedrooms!
Here is the link to her B&B for more beautiful pics
Here a link to her blog

So, as I make dolls, I have decided to make one to send her. Between you and me, I think this doll is going to have a wonderful life! But as you can see, I haven't finished her yet. Once she'll have her legs and arms, she'll be ready to fly to Canada and have the most beautiful house ever! Lucky doll! I wonder what is going to be her name ... I've prepared this also because she really likes French things.
Take care!

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Kim said...

Do you think she will live in that cottage suite? If she does she will look so wonderful there- she is beautiful already even without arms and legs. I wish I was lying on that bed in the cottage suite right now- it looks heavenly.

PS- Of course, I love the bow in her hair♥