Sunday, 30 August 2009

The 20th follower

Picture from The Plumed Pen

It is with great surprise that I have discovered today that I had new followers. I have decided that I could give a little reward now and then and have decided that 20 was a nice number.
She is an artist and has several blogs. Her universe is very soft and feminine. I have noticed she likes French stuff ( cool, because I am French!) and there is a little papillon bleu ( a blue butterfly)on most of her designs!( cool again because it is the name of the blog!).The picture above is just a small teaser of what she does. You can click on it and you will be flying to her universe !
My Papillon Bleu Bazar

I thought that I could send a little something from my bazar.Something home made of course!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Tea time!

Guess who had tea , scones, jam and cream? click on the picture for the answer!

Friday, 28 August 2009

my youtube channel

I have added a little video with the images you already know. If you want to take a look, click on the TV!

Something for me, something for the dolls

Yesterday, I have received some lovely presents from a friend from a French blog. She made this lovely table cloth for my counter but it was abit hiding the whole thing so, I used it as a...
I love it ! The pattern on the material brings a touch of softness and the lace is so delicate.

There was also a cushion for the girls but Rosy doesn't want to share it...
(you can see other pics on the other blog!)

Sunday, 23 August 2009


I want to present you the mini cakes I have made today. I wanted to present them in my lovely porcelain plates and my glass stands. As you can see I had a good time displaying everything on my new counter!
Yesterday I went to Ladurée in London for the first time and I had some of those delicious rose macarons that are so famous. It was such a divine experience for my palate that I decided to make tiny little ones.They are so small! The smallest cakes I have done so far!
I have also prepared some biscuits that you can see in the plate on the right.

I love strawberry cakes. Some are replicas of real cakes but most of the time they just come out of my imagination.

In fact, all the cakes that you can see here have been especially made for someone who is very sweet. She spends an awful lot of time writing about every single new follower she has, she is very brave and a very positive lady. She loves her dollhouse .It is for Bernard a little cute bear.But most of all, she speaks straight from the heart which is so rare these days.
Her name is KIM ( I know you are reading this Kim!).
You can click HERE to go to her blog.
Dear Kim,
thank you for all the lovely comments you leave on the blog. It is always so sweet to hear from you. The cakes are still drying but will be sent to you very soon. Hope Bernard will like them.

The doll and the pirate

Heeeeeeeeeeeelp! I got kidnapped by a pirate !
oh! I think he's madly fallen in love with me...but who wouldn't?

(If you want to see more pictures of the doll in London, you can click on my

French blog(you can click

Its is a bit time consuming to load everything on both blogs.But hope you will like the pics anyway. There are also pictures of me in front of Ladurée at Harrods.Enjoy!)

Cup of tea my dear?

Job done!

I have finished my wooden floor and my counter. The tea room is not finished will be a question of months maybe. You know what it's like anyway: you find here and there something that will be perfect for the room. I know I would like to find glass jars to put candy and biscuits. I've seen some on ebay...I also have to decorate the front sides of the shop.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Floor and stand

Here is my first coat of stain!
I am rather pleased with it.
The second coat is drying now.

Here is one of my mini cloth friend.She is happy to present you the counter. It is not finished but I wanted to share these pics with you.

Here, you can see the detail that I have chosen to put on my counter.I can't paint roses so I have printed out these old roses .

Here you can see some of my miniature cakes in their glass cake stands.

I haven't done the top of my counter and still don't know what to choose. There are so many options...

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Wooden floor

As you can see, my wooden floor is in progress. I have cut every single parts in balsa. Then I have glued it to a thin cardboard that I am going to place on the floor. I will have to sand it then stain it. It is time consuming but I love it!

Léa's marvels.

Hello dolls houses lovers!

I have received today a lovely e-mail from a lady who makes the most exquisit miniatures ever!

She's also published a book that I ordered on Amazon and have received today too!

Both on the same day! how unexpected ! I was so happy!
If you want to see what she does, go on her blog by clicking here.I have already spent an awful lot of time dreaming in front of every single picture. I had to share this with you.Let me know what you think about it!

You can also access her shop online by clicking here.

The shop is called Dentelle et Ribambelles. It is located in Paris.

Have fun!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Work in progress

Hi! Here are the colours I have chosen for my shop. In fact I have decided it will be a tea room so I will need to find a table and some chairs.One day...
I have just started the first layer.Then I will take the pieces apart, sand them then paint the second layer before I put all the parts togeter again. I have also planned to make the wooden floor. If you have any tips, it would be more than welcome!
To be continued!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Click on the picture!

If you want to see extraordinary miniatures! It is in French, but the pictures are worth it.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

At work (I work in a nursery), the cook made a strawberry sponge cake. So English!

I kept on looking at ithe cake because I thought it was such a nice one. And because I was looking at the cake so much, they all thought I wanted to eat it !so they served me a slice...oops! I couldn't stop laughing and explained them I wanted to take a mental picture of it because I made miniature cakes. It was very funny.

Here it is. I will take it to work tomorrow to show it to the cook. The real cake was very good by the way...

More news from a the doll in France!

As you can see, Lili is having good fun and making new friends in France.If you wish to see more pics you can go on this blog called Esprit Repensé. The lady customises furniture and it is so beautiful and so...French!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Look what I found!

I went to a miniature , doll and teddy fair at Canterbury yesterday. I found a shop! A mini one!How fantastic! it was exactly what I needed for my miniature cakes! I have put all the parts together but now I can't stop thinking of the colours I am going to use to paint it.
My shop looked a bit empty as I haven't made that many 1:12 scale cakes so , sorry if some of you think it is a crime, but I have put my other mainiature cakes too in order to fill in the shop a little.

I have got to find the paint now, and...make more cakes!

Thursday, 6 August 2009


So , here she is : my new doll!
It took me ages to make her but I am so pleased with her! Her name is Joy because she looks so happy. I couldn't resist taking pictures of her amongs some of my miniatures. She is way too big for a dolls house so , I am going to TRY to make a smaller one.

Once a project is achieved, onother one starts:
I am currently working on mini cakes for someone special. Hope she will like them.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Working on my next project

I am working on a mini doll but don't know if she is mini enough for a dolls the moment, she is drying...This is only one of the many steps to create a cloth and clay doll. Big sigh...